Inside parcelLab: Felipa im Job-Interview

Inside parcelLab: Felipa im Job-Interview
Published on: Apr 4, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022


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Name: Felipa Reinlein, alias Felipsch

Age: 26 years

Position at parcelLab: Working Student / Marketing Assistant

Origin: Munich

1. Tell us briefly what your usual workday at parcelLab looks like?

As a working student, I am in the office less than my teammates, so there are projects that I am responsible for helping out with, but for the most part I always do whatever comes up. This ranges from assisting with our mailing study to researching various topics and creating content.

2. What does your professional career look like?

I did my Abitur in Osnabrück when I was 17, before I went to Vietnam for a social year. After that, I completed a bachelor's degree in fashion and design management in Munich. Between my Bachelor's degree and my current Master's degree in Corporate Communication in Munich, I have already worked as Sales Executive Export Eastern Europe and Sales Executive Key Accounts at Superdry in Munich and Düsseldorf.

3. What do you like most about parcelLab and your job?

I am an inquisitive person who avoids routine whenever possible. ParcelLab offers me more than just a way to pad my student bankroll alongside my studies. With the variety of tasks and projects that I am allowed to supervise, I have the opportunity to understand the marketing sector in all its facets even better.

4. What makes parcelLab unique in your opinion?

Definitely the team! I have unfortunately already had experiences with unfairness and unpleasant vibes in the office: here it is exactly the opposite! All colleagues are super collegial and courteous.

5. Which characteristics does the perfect parcelLab applicant have?

Motivated. If you're motivated here, you can get anything done!

6. How would you describe the working atmosphere at parcelLab?

Friendly, super honest and authentic.

7. What has been your favourite moment at parcelLab so far? And why?

Writing 300 Christmas cards and then falling asleep with a bottle of wine.

8. Which qualities and strengths did you gain during your time at parcelLab?

"The journey is the destination!". I am sometimes a bit relaxed and have learned that you can achieve more with calmness and a clear head than with five cups of coffee.

9. What challenges have you already faced during your time at parcelLab and how have you mastered them?

I never had challenges in the classical sense, like being thrown in at the deep end, here. I have noticed that there is no shame in asking how to get things done. I would describe the fact that I previously worked in large and hierarchically structured companies as the biggest challenge. This is of course completely different at parcelLab. The work here is transparent and not every day is full of important deadlines.

10. What makes Munich so attractive to you?

I currently live in Allgäu - so I commute to university and work. Munich has become too hectic and restless for me. But that's because I simply like it better in the countryside. But you can see from me that you can live in the country and work in the city. No problem at all!

11. How would you spend your perfect weekend?

As an early riser, I like to enjoy the fresh country air. Afterwards, I treat myself to a good coffee and a delicious scrambled egg (the eggs are from the neighbour who is a farmer, of course! ) and then, from lunchtime onwards, one or two wine spritzers with friends. In the evening, I'm always up for a delicious dinner at the weekend.

12. Which three terms would your colleagues use to describe you?


sympathetic and loud.


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