These are the top 5 e-commerce trends 2020

These are the top 5 e-commerce trends 2020
Mon, 03/02/2020

If you want to stay on the ball in online retail, you should not miss the e-commerce trends 2020. New trends are added every year, because new technical innovations are constantly emerging - and online retailers should keep an eye on them if they want to be successful.

The 5 e-commerce trends 2020

In 2019, the main focus was on artificial intelligence, advanced product search as well as social shopping. If you want to be up to date at all times in 2020, you should definitely be aware of the following 5 e-commerce trends.

1. Customer experience on the upswing

Customers want the best possible shopping experience and they want it at all times. That's why it's important for retailers to know the latest trends on customer experience and keep an eye on their competition. Lidl is already showing the way: Those who offer their customers a positive shopping experience manage to get up to 85 percent of them to return to the webshop and shop there again.

2. Improvement in Mobile Commerce through 5G

Mobile commerce is gaining importance. People are increasingly shopping on the go and on the move. Whether on the train, in a café or on the way to the supermarket - shopping should be quick and easy. For this reason, it suits customers just fine that mobile phone providers are increasingly investing in a better transmission standard. From 4G to 5G, that is supposed to happen next year and thus make shopping on the go even more convenient. A study by eMarketer shows that mobile shopping is becoming increasingly important.

Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important. (Source: eMarketer/Statista)

3. Virtual and augmented reality are on the rise

The advantages of stationary trade are to be increasingly integrated into online trade. In this context, an extensive and realistic presentation of goods is high on the list. Since customers also want to benefit from this when shopping online, augmented and virtual reality are increasingly being used. The furniture industry in particular is benefiting from this innovation. Augmented reality apps now make it easy to measure sizes and simulate furnishings. With the IKEA Place app, you can now place pieces of furniture individually in an empty room.

4. Relevance of sustainability increases

Customers are increasingly paying attention to sustainability in online retail. Environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable delivery are particularly important to them. Reusable packaging is also very popular. Those who manage to reduce their returns rate are doing something good for the environment and also benefit from lower costs.

5. Social commerce becomes even easier

Shopping via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram & Co. is also becoming increasingly popular. 90 percent of online shoppers are already on these sites. In 2020, ordering via social media should be even easier and faster. Customers should be able to complete their entire shopping process directly in the app and no longer have to be directed to the shop. Therefore, it is all the more important for online retailers to consider which products they want to present in social media.


Mobile and environmental awareness - these are the priority e-commerce trends in 2020, with social shopping making it even easier for customers to order goods. With reusable packaging and the reduction of returns, the environmental impact of online retailing can be minimised. So online retailers can look forward to the new year with excitement.

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