How do you explain Operations Experience Management to your colleagues?

How do you explain Operations Experience Management to your colleagues?
Mon, 04/04/2022

Operations Experience Management: the term may be new, but what it refers to is not.In a nutshell, Operations Experience refers to the set of events that occur after the customer has made payment on an online shop. For example, order confirmations, shipping notifications, arrival confirmation emails.But, as you might expect, there is a bit more behind all this than meets the eye. With this in mind, how do you explain to colleagues, or someone hearing about it for the first time, what Operations Experience Management is? And more importantly, how do you convince them to buy into the concept?

What is Operations Experience Management


Every customer journey has countless operational processes: fulfilment, truck delivery, repairs, returns, warranties and many more... During these processes, the customer experience often takes a back seat.And this is often due to the vast amount of complex data that needs to be collected, analysed, cleansed and harmonised to create real time value. But the truth is that leveraging data is precisely the key to outperforming the competition and impressing your customers.Operations Experience Management is the combination of operational processes and customer experience, further enhanced by personalisation.

Why Operations Experience Management is so important

With these new touch points, brands can exploit new opportunities to make a lasting impact on their customers. Creating real-time, qualitative value through a personalised and engaging experience maximises loyalty and increases revenue. From a customer perspective, properly managing the Operations Experience ensures an enjoyable and information-rich journey.

Some figures

To demonstrate the value this can have for brands, here's some feedback from our clients.Let's start with Lidl , which saw its average basket increase by 12%. Add to this the fact that 85% of customers subsequently returned to their online shop via their new parcel tracking page. At the same time, returns at Wetlbild decreased by 5%, and their new post-purchase email open rate jumped by 75%. Let's not forget that this created 2.5 million new touch points with their customers with a 71% open rate.Nor 11teamsports and its revenue increased by 19%.This is a demonstration of the versatility of our solution and the impact it can have on different issues.Whatever you are looking to improve, we are here to help!

Contact us

At parcelLab, we harness and enrich data so that brands don't have to deal with it. So they can reimagine a customer journey free of constraints. The best way to understand Operations Experience Management is to watch our solution in action. So when you share all this information with your colleagues, feel free to recommend a demo. We will explore the platform together and answer any questions. It is also highly recommended to look at some examples of flawless Operations Experience Management from our customers' side. They offer a good idea of how our solution works, and maybe even a dose of inspiration!

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