Black Friday & Cyber Monday - der E-Commerce boomt

Black Friday & Cyber Monday - der E-Commerce boomt
Published on: Dec 28, 2019
Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Black Friday (29.11.) and Cyber Monday (02.12.) are one of the strongest sales days in e-commerce. Some retailers generate a large part of their annual turnover on these days. Many people buy their Christmas gifts on these two days.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday in numbers

Exciting facts from 2018 at a glance:

  • At midnight, sales skyrocketed by 350%.
  • Germans spend an average of around 2.4 billion euros during this period (15% more than in 2017).
  • Early in the morning between 6am and 10am is when people buy the most on Black Friday.
  • The most popular product categories are fashion & accessories (40.27%), drugstore, cosmetics & body care (32.72%) and household electronics (26.32%)
  • Amazon leads with 51% - where most shopping is done
  • In second place is eBay (10%) and in third place is Zalando (7%)
  • During the entire two promotion days, retailers' package volumes can increase by up to 80%.
Black Friday & Cyber Monday is worthwhile for online retailers again this year.

Online or offline - who profits most?

The two promotion days are particularly popular with online shoppers. The situation is somewhat different for stationary retailers. Around two-thirds of consumers shop less in bricks-and-mortar shops on these two days. For 28 percent of consumers, this is due to the crowds in the shops. That's why they prefer to buy their gifts online.

Of course, the two promotion days also increase returns in e-commerce. Read here in our free whitepaper how you can reduce them.

The customer experience is also becoming increasingly important on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Consumers want more customer experience. For example, 77 percent of consumers base their purchase decision on how the retailer handles customer service requests. In second place for 60 percent of customers is the price-performance ratio.

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