4 benefits of Operations Experience Management in the Golden Quarter

4 benefits of Operations Experience Management in the Golden Quarter
Published on: Sep 27, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

In 2020, e-commerce saw ten years worth of growth in just three months. As we approach the Golden Quarter of 2021, the trend looks set to continue as experts predict most people will choose online shopping this holiday season. This poses a huge opportunity and challenge to brands all at once. How can they cut through the noise and make a lasting impact on their customers this Golden Quarter? Here are 4 ways Operations Experience Management can help you deliver a smooth digital holiday season.

1. Reduce inquiries during the busy Golden Quarter

parcelLab works with brands to automate communication throughout the customer journey. This will optimize customers' post-sales experience. Firstly, we work with brands to identify milestones throughout their sales journey that they want to communicate to their customers. These touch points can be dynamic, time-optimized and event-triggered.

Then, parcelLab ensures that customers receive the right message at the right time. This means that even during their busiest days, brands can send proactive updates to their customers to manage expectations, without any manual work from their team. As a result, inbound inquiries drop because customers are always kept informed!

2. Keep customers in the know with a live Order Status page

If the proactive communication style wasn't enough, brands can also deliver a bespoke Track and Trace page, also known as an Order Status page, to provide customers with the latest information on their order at any time. The page is fully customizable and can feature targeted, embedded content that adds value to every brand interaction.

Not only does the customer find the information that they're looking for, they find other helpful information that keeps them engaged with the brand. This contributes to a positive experience. The Order Status page is white-labelled integration into an online shop, meaning that all traffic generated by it is driven back to the brand's site. This gives brands a great opportunity to cross-sell and improve retention.

3. Access invaluable data to improve communication quality

When a brand onboards with parcelLab, they receive access to a dashboard that enables them to monitor and analyze shipment data and communication performance, such as open and click-through rates. This is a great tool for the Golden Quarter because it gives valuable insight into the brand's performance. What was the carrier lead time, are there any trends in delays, what style of email performed the best? Understanding this will help brands to perfect the communication they send, but also hold carriers and logistics providers accountable for meeting targets. This tool is invaluable because it can be used immediately, but can also inform the future.

4. Receive feedback to understand customer needs

Brands don't want to just win one-time customers from the Golden Quarter, they want to create lifetime brand ambassadors. The way to do this is to exceed customer expectations every time. No one knows your customers like your customers, so why not ask what they think of the service you provide? Take their feedback onboard and make improvements where necessary. parcelLab enables brands to create a real-time NPS score by adding questions like “How likely is it that you would recommend [brand] to a friend?” to emails, and within the Order Status page. This can be a simple rating tool to maximize engagement.

Onboard with parcelLab in time for Black Friday

If your brand is ready to take control of your end-to-end customer experience, our Operations Experience Management solution can help. And here's some even better news: onboarding with parcelLab can take as little as two weeks, so your brand can deliver an enhanced Operations Experience in time for Black Friday. Get in touch or request a demo to find out more.No matter if you’re in marketing or operations, supply chain or customer experience, OX Fest ’21 is for you. Together we will push the boundaries of traditional e-commerce and explore new ways to impress your customers.

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