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Shopify & parcelLab = A Winning Team

As the top enterprise-grade add-on, parcelLab enhances Shopify brands by boosting customer retention, satisfaction, and repeat business.

Trusted by over 800+ brands worldwide

Why you should integrate Shopify with parcelLab

Tracking Pages

YETI demonstrates how parcelLab provides fully customizable tracking pages that align with your brand’s identity, theme, and messaging.

  • Brand Customization for tailored tracking pages to fit your brand’s identity, theme, and messaging, enhancing customer engagement.
  • Boost Sales to engage customers with brand-aligned content and product recommendations on tracking pages, increasing sales.

Notification Triggers

WYZE showcases parcelLab’s real-time, branded tracking updates, keeping customers informed and engaged from checkout to returns.

  • Custom Triggers for international deliveries, delays, cross-border issues, warehouse delays, and more, ensuring relevance.
  • Consistent Comms for notifications across all carriers, controlling the narrative with timely emails or SMS.

Self-Service Returns

True Classic transforms the returns process with a customer-centric self-service portal, enabling easy exchanges and returns. This system not only minimizes returns but also recaptures revenue.

  • Decreased returns through customized rules, like photo verifications.
  • Enhanced revenue retention via streamlined product exchanges.

Fast Setup, Instant Impact

Experience a rapid deployment with our app, offering seamless data transfer and comprehensive setup guidance. Tailor carrier options, languages, and email flows to match your brand’s voice.

  • Complete setup within a one-week timeframe.
  • Zero coding skills are needed for implementation.

What our customers say about the integration

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34.8% Revenue Uplift at True Classic with Analytics

WYZE Reduces WISMO by 20%

FAQ for Shopify to parcelLab Integration

How can I send data from Shopify to parcelLab?

To send data from Shopify to parcelLab, you need to set up two webhooks in your Shopify admin. Navigate to Settings > Notifications, scroll to Webhooks, and create one for “Order Creation” and one for “Order Update” with the specified details. This will allow parcelLab to receive data directly from your Shopify orders.

Can I set up my own order status page?

Yes, by using the data transmitted to parcelLab via the Shopify webhooks, you can collaborate with parcelLab to create a customized order status page. This enhances customer experience by providing detailed updates on order status directly on your site.

Do I need a subscription with parcelLab to get started?

Yes, a subscription with parcelLab is necessary to use our post-purchase solutions for your Shopify store. You can begin by booking a demo, and your store can go live with the integration in about a week.

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