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Chapter 4: Poorly Informed Agents

Reduce Consumer Friction

Customer service chatbot informing the status of a return

parcelLab Returns Study Found...

are unlikely to reengage after a poor returns experience

are influenced by a brand's return policy

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Contacting customer support is the most frustrating part of returning an order because service agents are often stretched too thin and poorly informed. Here’s why…




Specific Requirements

If you are providing your customers with pre-printed return labels, there may be certain requirements involved such as only dropping the package off at a specific place. When customers do not carefully follow instructions, agents lack the information needed to track the shipment being returned. 

USPS shipping form next to a label


Lack of Communication

More often than not, customers are left in the dark after they drop off their return. This leads to contacting customer support which drives up WISMR (where is my return) inquiry costs, not to mention customer frustration. 

Lack of communication during returns


Long Call-Handling Times

When customer service agents need to cross-reference multiple carrier websites with their own order management system, WISMR call times increase due to the amount of time it takes to find order and tracking information.


In fact, one electronics retailer reported an average cost of $7 per call when they were solely relying on agents to register and track returns.

Customer service not available


Empower Service Agents

Provide your customer service agents with full visibility and elevated permissions in their own Returns Customer Service Portal that enables them to:

  • View tracking and customer communication details all in one view
  • Override eligibility rules, upload images, and approve returns
  • Set up watchlists and alerts to automatically create and resolve tickets
  • Access carrier SLAs, historical performance, and customer promise attainment
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Empower agents with their own portal to see all customer returns information.

Case Study: Luxury Fashion Retailer

With an annual global revenue of over $2 billion, this retailer is improving the customer and service experience while reducing WISMR inquiries. 


Pre-Printed Labels

Customers were provided labels with Customs Documentation included with their order, for them to use for their return shipment. Lost labels frequently required support and led to frustration. 


Reliance on One Carrier


When customers wanted to return an item, they could only do so with one specific carrier. If they dropped their package off at a different carrier, customer service would lose all visibility over where the package was.

Shipping label for a yellow purse


Full Visibility

By leveraging the customer service portal, agents have insight into carrier scan information which enables them to reach out to consumers proactively, resolve inquiries more quickly and provide a better experience. 

Customer service return portal with insights into customer orders.


Personalized Communications

Customers are no longer relying on carrier updates for their returns. The retailer can send proactive and personalized returns communications to inform customers of any status updates and exception notifications.  

Your return has arrived at our warehouse email notification with product recommendations.

More Retail Examples

Shorter Contact Times

Customer service agents at this global furniture retailer previously lacked visibility using their internal solution. Now, they have full access to all shipments, their status, and all communications shared with their shoppers, reducing the call handling times by 2 minutes and improving the overall customer experience.

Shipping information from different carriers

More Retail Examples

Permission Override

Agents at this global consumer products company not only have visibility once a customer registers their return, but they also leverage an intuitive self-service portal. With ultimate override permissions, agents can register returns for “non-refundable” items or if the return is beyond the shopper’s normal returns period. 

Customer Service has insight into order information and shipment details.

Business Impact

Reduction in WISMR inquiries

min reduction in call-handling

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Customer Service Portal

Empower Agents with full visibility and elevated returns permissions.

CS Email Alerts

Set up watchlists and alerts to automatically create and resolve returns tickets.

returns flow

Digital Returns Portal

Front-end digital experience embedded on your site by JavaScript snippet.

Track & Communicate

Streamline post-purchase dialogue with tailored emails and a returns status page for transparency.

Personalization Capabilities

Drive web traffic and repeat purchases with hyper-relevant content to engage your customers.

Custom Eligibility Rules

Minimize returns through tailored eligibility criteria and specific return or repair guidelines.

Order API Connection

Ensure best-practice data access with no compromise on data privacy.

multi label & split returns

Multi-Label & Split Returns

Handle complex multi-item returns requiring more than one label, returning to one or more locations.

Comprehensive RMA Sharing

Reduce manual warehouse processing and enable further automation.

Confirmation Page Survey

Collect customer rating and reviews on the confirmation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific training programs or resources have been most effective in educating customer service agents about returns policies and procedures?

Effective training programs often combine interactive e-learning, real-life scenarios, and continuous updates on policy changes to ensure agents are well-informed. The most successful ones adapt to different learning styles and include assessments to gauge understanding.

How does customer feedback on returns experiences directly influence changes in training or resources for agents?

Customer feedback plays a crucial role in shaping agent training by highlighting areas where agents may lack information or need more clarity. This feedback loop helps tailor training programs to directly address customer pain points and improve service quality.

What are the costs associated with implementing the returns customer service portal and empowering agents as described?

The investment in a customer service portal varies widely based on the platform’s complexity and customization level. While initial costs can be significant, the long-term benefits of improved efficiency and customer satisfaction often justify the expense.

How do companies balance the need for detailed returns tracking with concerns about customer privacy and data protection?

Balancing detailed returns tracking with privacy concerns involves implementing strict data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and compliance with privacy regulations. Transparent communication with customers about how their data is used is also key to maintaining trust.

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