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An integrated post-purchase solution

Flexibility to bring your eCommerce platforms, marketing tech stack, operations systems, and customer service tools together to deliver a next-level post-purchase experience.

It takes an interconnected technology ecosystem to manage supply chain complexity, keep operations efficient and create engaging and personalized customer experiences.

retail technology integrations

Deliver a personal touch at scale

Overcome the interconnectivity challenges that keep you from delivering relevant and personalized experiences for customers post-purchase. parcelLab gives you the flexibility to choose the right integration method to get all your eCommerce platforms and operations systems working together. So, you can keep a customer centric approach at scale with in-the-moment communications that address each customer’s unique situation and need.

Create a seamless, consistent customer experience

We’ll get data flowing through your tech stack with ease. That means from pre-checkout delivery date promise through returns you can create a seamless and consistent experience. An experience your customers can trust no matter:

  • Where items ship from – store, warehouse, or 3PL partner
  • Where packages are headed
  • What carriers, two-man handling, or freight forwarders you use
  • What channel customers want updates on

Future proof your post-purchase experience

As a post-purchase experience partner, we’re here to help you transition without disruption. Growing, expanding to new markets, innovating across channels – transformation can sometimes mean putting important projects on hold for bigger priorities. But waiting to upgrade your post-purchase experience from good enough to best-in-class comes with risks:

  • Higher customer service costs
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Retention and loyalty issues
  • Missed opportunities to elevate brand reputation

Our experts are ready with flexible solutions, whether you want to lean on our front-end solutions or take a more headless approach. Overcome the limitations of your current solutions and keep up with changing customer behaviors and market changes.

Features of an integrated post-purchase solution:

Reach across your tech stack

Integrates with warehouse management and fulfillment hubs, payment systems, ERP, CMS, marketing automation, content management, shop systems, and customer services platforms.

Flexible setup

Choose the integration path – API, webbooks, or file-based – that’s quickest and easiest to start seeing results now. Easy to switch any time.

Audience Builder

Adapt Quickly

Add new technology anytime and easily support changing customer dynamics, operational complexity, and market trends

Support team

Our operations and engineering experts together with project and implementation managers are here to take the burden off your teams.

Campaign Builder 

Headless solutions

Connect parcelLab to any of your front-end systems so you control the journey. Leave the logic, data and carrier monitoring and maintenance to us.

Hosted and white labeled

Use parcelLab’s customizable front-end options for communications and order and returns tracking. Get all the functionality you need with the ease of a fully managed solution.

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