Health and Beauty e-commerce in the UK:
How does it fare?

How does your post-sales experience measure up against brands such as Look Fantastic, Bare Minerals and Charlotte Tilbury?
Get an in-depth analysis of the post-sales experiences provided by UK health and beauty retailers to establish best practices, common mistakes, and opportunities to outperform competitors.
Cover of the UK’s Health and Beauty Study 2021

Key findings

Analysis of the checkout, shipping, delivery and returns processes of
the UK’s top 50 health and beauty retailers has revealed some shocking insights that brands can learn from:

Shipping options are lacking

42% of the health and beauty retailers offer just one alternative delivery method. This means that almost half of the brands are not giving their customers the choice of delivery options they expect.

Collection services divide the brands

50% of the health and beauty brands offer a collection service, whether from store or from a parcel shop. This is far below industry averages, where 87% offer this service.

Tracking links often broken

Just 33% of the health and beauty retailers sent a delivery tracking link that worked immediately. Tracking errors are one of the biggest WISMO enquiry drivers, so this result is troubling.

Customers are left in the dark during delivery

92% of retailers stop communicating with their customers after checkout. This means that the majority of UK consumers are left hoping the carrier will communicate with them about their order. For 45% of the orders this didn’t happen.

Stuart Hill
SVP of Logistics

farfetch SVP of Logistics Stuart Hill

“Any retailer, in any market, wants to make sure that the post-sales experience is as great as it can be. So any improvement will increase the percentage of returning customers. 

When there are specialists like parcelLab in the market that can solve that problem using minimal resources, it makes sense to partner externally on this and offer customers an immediate benefit.”

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