Analysis of global DTC retail

DTC is a trend we see amongst legacy and emerging retail brands. The beauty of DTC is that you own your customer relationships and customer journey in theory. So does this mean this channel is outperforming the wider retail space?

Explore our analysis of over 100 of the top Direct-To-Consumer brands across the US and Europe. We delve into the checkout, post-purchase and returns experiences of these brands, as well as their sustainability and loyalty performance. Lastly we share our best practices so you too can harness your customer data to improve your customer experience.

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How to turn one-and-done customers into loyalists?

Did you know repeat customers are on average 5 times more profitable than new customers?

So how can you build loyalty to create more repeat, multi-time customers?

Explore global DTC research

DTC has become many brands’ most valuable channel, with many forgoing their whole strategies in favour of it. But are those brands that operate solely in this space focusing on delivering the best end-to-end customer journey?

We placed orders with over 100 DTC brands globally and had them delivered to a home address in each country to simulate the average customer experience. Discover exclusive insights into how these brands perform across checkout, shipping, delivery, returns, sustainability and loyalty in our reports below.

Image wdt_ID Title Country Subtitle Link Category Date
1 Is Post-Purchase Experience broken in DTC Retail? US We researched the post-purchase experiences of top US DTC brands like Warby Parker, Everlane, Dollar Shave Club and more. Post-purchase experience 23/06/2021
2 Les marques DTC sont-elle éco-responsables ? FR Découvrez un état des lieux des pratiques écologiques des DTC lors de la phase post-achat. Sustainability, Post-purchase experience 13/07/2021
3 Communication post-achat des marques DTC FR Un état des lieux de l’expérience post-achat proposée par les marques DTC.
Post-purchase experience 23/06/2021
4 How is DTC checkout experience failing to deliver? UK Our research finds at DTC brands must optimise their pre-purchase customer experience or risk losing sales. Checkout, Post-purchase experience 20/06/2021
5 How sustainable is DTC retail?

US Discover how DTC brands can improve sustainability through last mile experiences and learn about DTC Industry standards. Sustainability 07/07/2021
6 Is DTC delivering on sustainability promises? UK Find out how DTC brands must invest in their sustainability efforts during delivery and returns or risk ‘greenwashing’ their customers. Sustainability 20/07/2021
7 How are DTC brands harnessing data? US A big part of the DTC ethos is owning your customer data to offer a better experience.
Post-purchase experience 30/07/2021
8 Why are returns painful for everyone? US How can brands harness returns data into a better experience that recovers revenue and builds lasting customer relationships? Returns 12/08/2021
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