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The brand experience does not stop once the customer orders

From order to shipping, returns and repairs, brands understand the importance and potential of these touchpoints, keeping their customers informed, enthused and coming back for more.


Real-time data crunching is a science and an art

parcellab Real time data crunching

Our data core is where the magic happens. Where our sophisticated algorithms and intelligent learning capabilities co-exist, delivering exceptional data interpretation for exceptional results.

You get out what you put in when it comes to processing real-time data, so we’re particularly selective. We clean and harmonize your data constantly, as well as validate and sign it off via rigorous quality gates.


We delight with personalized, relevant and helpful data

personalized, relevant and helpful data

Our platform is designed to send the right information at the right time.

We enrich our data with various external sources – including local weather forecast, opening hours, traffic updates, days of storage and more…

Our systems synchronize and validate this to generate new super-relevant touch points that simply didn’t exist before.


We know the key to sustainable growth

Operations Experience (OX) is the understanding and acknowledgement of the complexities that the entire post-purchase journey includes.

Equally it’s the focus on personalization and the need to manage expectations, to engage directly and proactively with customers in order to build brand loyalty and trust.


parcelLab’s DATA MODEL

We make developers happy!

Our data experts eat, live and breathe data and they know how to manage data validation, latency control, continuous matching and quality gates. We ensure that all data is knitted together, accessible and live, 24/7.

Our systems are simple and easy to implement (we can go live in as little as 2 weeks and require minimal resources from the brand side). Let us manage the post-sale magic for you so you can focus on delivering the best customer experience.

parcelLab data intelligence code snippet

Your data-driven brand experience starts here

For the ultimate in Operations Experience Management, talk to us about the data intelligence platform that’s the key to your brand’s sustainable growth.