parcelLab hosts post-purchase webinar with Savant

Head of International Clients, Mark Camilleri, will be hosting a webinar in association with Savant on Thursday 21st May at 11am (CET). You can register to join here.

What is the webinar about?

The webinar title is: Drive value for your customers by delivering an outstanding post-purchase customer experience.

Mark will draw on data from leading brands and retailers to show how personalised delivery communications can make customers happier, more engaged and more loyal.

Attendees will discover how to:

  • Nurture your customers at the most emotional stage in the customer journey – post-purchase
  • Use a previously untapped marketing channel to create outstanding customer experiences
  • Drive repeat purchases and radically boost the value of your existing customer base
  • Reduce customer service enquiries around delivery (WISMO enquiries)

Who is parcelLab?

How can parcelLab help me during Coronavirus?

Our leading OXM (Operations Experience Management) platform enables brands, online retailers or B2B distributors to regain control over their end-to-end customer journey. Rather than losing the customer relationship to third parties like DHL, FedEx and DPD, businesses retain all touch points in a curated manner within their own ecosystem. We therefore help retailers close the gap in experience post-checkout and create long-term, loyal customers.

Read more about how parcelLab can help your business now and in the future here.

About the Author: Katharine
Katharine is Head of Marketing Communications - EMEA. An avid shopper, Katharine is passionate about helping retailers understand the importance of efficient post-purchase communications. When she isn’t looking for the latest trends for our blog, Katharine loves discovering new restaurants in London.