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Leverage the Farfetch-parcelLab integration to supercharge your boutique's post-purchase journey, offering an unparalleled shopping experience.

Man smiling while using a laptop, representing the positive customer service impact of the Farfetch-parcelLab integration

Benefits of the Farfetch-parcelLab Integration

By connecting to the Farfetch system, retailers can utilize the parcelLab Engage Suite to:

  • Reduce WISMO Calls: Implement proactive messaging and shipment tracking to keep customers informed and reduce support calls.
  • Increase Customer Return Rate: Enhance customer touchpoints and cross-sell opportunities with shipment tracking embedded on your brand’s website, leading to an 85% likelihood of customers returning.
  • Boost Repeat Orders: Drive a 42% increase in repeat purchases by incorporating personalized product recommendations on order status pages.
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T-shirt next to a delivery notification, showcasing the effective order communication through Farfetch-parcelLab

Personalized, Impactful Engagement

The Farfetch-parcelLab integration offers comprehensive tools to redefine your post-purchase strategy:

  • End-to-End Communications: Deliver personalized emails and an embedded order status page, driving web traffic and repeat purchases.
  • Enhanced Service Portal: Empower your contact center to resolve WISMO inquiries more effectively with easy access to order and tracking details.
  • Campaign Manager: Allow marketing teams to set up, run, and measure post-purchase marketing campaigns easily, enhancing customer engagement.
Luxury handbag displayed next to a customer loyalty campaign interface, part of the Farfetch-parcelLab service

Transform Post-Purchase Engagement for Your Boutique

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