Individual track & trace page in your shop

With your custom track & trace page, up to 75% of your customers will return to your shop

Stop wasting valuable customer touch points

From post-purchase to repurchase

Delight your customers with a custom track & trace page, tailored shipping information and hand-picked offers directly in your shop. Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers and monetize valuable traffic rather than entrusting it to UPS, FedEx & co.

Key facts at a glance

Engage your customers with additional information and individual offers. Your custom track & trace page can be enhanced with delivery announcements, rating requests and Google Maps integration.

Google Maps integration

Let your customers know where their order is

Easy shop ratings

Ask for a shop rating at the perfect time

Intelligent delivery announcement

Help your customers with the adoption of their order

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your custom track & trace page

How is my track & trace page integrated?

Your custom track & trace page can easily be integrated into your shop, your customers' accounts or your app. The implementation is done via a Javascript code snippet and can be customized.

Can I select different languages?

Your track & trace page can be displayed in up to five different languages ​​of your choice and automatically adapts to any visitor.

Are customer satisfaction and sales positively influenced?

Mit unserem Service konnten unsere Kunden nicht nur Ihren Umsatz steigern, sondern auch ihre positiven Bewertungen auf TrustedShops & Co. um bis zu 10% steigern.

Are there any examples of custom track & trace pages?

The appearance and functionality of an individual track & trace page is best understood through our exemplary shipping notifications. View exemplary shipping notifications