Technical integration

Easy integration - no need for plugins or add-ons.

Intelligent big data for your shipping processes

The right information at the right time

Our intelligent data layer validates your shipment data while combining it with shipping information from your logistics partner. Automated shipping notifications are sent directly to your customer in response to predefined shipping events.

Your tracking number via Excel, email, or API
parcelLab Intelligent data layer
Status updates provided by logistics company
Fully automated
Post-checkout communication

1. Your shipping data

Send us your shipping data. Tracking number and customer information are sufficient, we will take it from there.

Upload Excel or CSV

The day-end closing of your shipment data will be automatically transferred to our FTP server and encrypted.

BCC email delivery

Your shipping confirmation in BCC at We'll fetch all relevant information automatically.


Direct transfer of your data into our systems. Transfer back into other systems such as CRM or BI tools is possible.

2. Create shipping notifications

Use our templates and the experience of millions of sent shipping notifications or create your own individual messages.

2. Create shipping notifications

You determine which shipping events will generate shipping notifications for your customers.

Design shipping notifications

Use our templates or your very own customized templates.

Set up marketing

Create an exceptional shopping experience with intelligent content such as additional product information or recommendations.

3. Set up the Track & Trace page

Generate valuable additional shop traffic. Your custom track & trace page can be set up as a hosted website or directly integrated into your shop.

Hosted landing page

Get started with your own hosted track & trace page at Customize within minutes with your own branding.

Copy & paste code snippet

Copy the code snippet for the track & trace page onto a landing page in your shop or in the customer area.

4. Done

Welcome to the world of personalized post-purchase communication. Look forward to happy customers and more sales. Get started today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will gladly answer your questions personally

Which data is required?

We only need the customer’s tracking number, zip code, name, email and country of destination. Additional data such as the order number are optional

Will my data be kept confidential?

Yes, your data is encrypted on our servers and completely deleted after 3 months. We guarantee that your data will not leave Germany.

How does data transmission work?

Your data can be transferred to us as BCC e-mail, day-end closing (Excel file) or via interface (Restful API). More information can be found in our Documentation.

Are there plugins or addons for shop systems?

Our service can be easily be integrated into any existing systems, no plugins or addons are required. In addition, we offer Integrations to various CRM and Customer Service tools.

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