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Optimize your experience to reduce ecommerce returns

Our returns experience implementation team will help get the most out of parcelLab’s ecommerce returns management software. They’ll prepare a combination of approaches and best practices to help you reduce ecommerce returns in a way that fits your business strategy.

  • Customize return rules and reasons to reinforce your policy and reduce invalid and uneconomical returns

  • Enhance post-purchase communications to educate customers about product setup and features so they return less

  • Collect and analyze returns data quicker so you can understand why customers are returning and find solutions

  • Request or confirm more information or require picture uploads via your returns management portal for proof of defect in warranty cases


Recover returns revenue & drive repeat purchases

A streamlined and uncomplicated process of returning items sets the stage for an excellent returns experience for your customers, encouraging brand loyalty and increasing the chance for repurchase. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt the parcelLab returns management platform for your specific needs.

  • Promote exchange or store credit instead of return and refund

  • Trigger early refunds before items are processed

  • Offer a unique returns experience for your VIPs

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Shopper registers a return in a returns management portal

Minimize issues that drive customer outreach and enable service teams

With a flexible self-service returns management portal, you can answer all your customers’ questions about what’s eligible for return, or warranty repair or replacement. Integrations with Zendesk and SAP can automatically generate tickets for more complex returns started through the digital returns platform, with all the product information, photos and label details needed. So, customer service agents can approve, and close tickets faster and further reduce customer outreach and effort.


Reduce returns and warranty costs with operational efficiency

For returns that can’t be avoided, you can still focus on efficiencies that drive down costs. With returns data flowing into warehouse systems, you can forecast return volumes each day and reduce warehouse processing time with more data on what’s in each package and why it’s being returned.

An operations director views analytics data in an ecommerce returns management software
A shopper downloads a paperless QR code via a digital returns management portal

Lessen your environmental impact with ecommerce returns management

Save on wasted paper and packaging as well as carbon emissions from reverse logistics. With a flexible and customized digital returns experience, you can drop shipping labels and RMA slips from orders and save a ton of paper per year. With custom returns rules and reasons enabled, you’ll see an even bigger reduction on the environmental impact of reverse transportation from out of policy items being sent back. And for returns that can’t be avoided, using QR or bar codes for no label drop-off can give customers the option to return locally and further save on printing, packaging and emissions impacts.

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Thanks to parcelLab, we were able to improve customer communication and make it more transparent. Weltbild puts its customers center stage across the entire customer journey – no matter where they are at the time. This gives them an all-round good shopping experience.

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Fewer returns in under a month

Reduction in customer inquiries

Post-purchase email open rate


Take your returns and warranty management platform to the next level
Features that give you flexibility to build the ecommerce returns solution you want


Returns Communication

Multichannel communications with shipping, processing and refund notifications.


Data Security & Privacy

Only store data for 90 days. SOC 2 Type I, HIPAA, and ePrivacy certified.


Reduce Returns Labels

Print at home labels. Create multiple labels. QR or bar codes for no label pickup or drop-off options.


Flexible Reasons

Create custom reasons or enable extended returns reasons for warranty or repair.


Flexible Rules

Set returns platform rules based on time, product type, customer segments, product value or return reasons.


Customs handling & Additional paperwork 

Support your customs process and attach order confirmations, invoices, customs slips, and return labels.


Customer Service Integration

Enable agents with parcelLab’s returns management portal or with SAP and Zendesk integrations for a single view of order details, shipping status, communications, and full buying history. Auto generate tickets for complex returns.


Picture Upload & Additional Data

Collect photos, comments, second-hand owner details, or claims information on purchases through third-party providers for warranty or claims handling.


Exchanges & Refunds

Offer instant first scan refunds, gift cards or product exchanges via your digital returns platform.


Product recommendations

Reduce returns when you recommend sizes or replacement products based on selected reasons.


Segment customers

Create unique experiences in your returns management portal for different customer segments. Like offering immediate refunds for VIPs.

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