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Comparing Operations Experience in US Retail 2021

How does your post-sales experience measure up against brands such as Walmart, Costco, and Amazon?

Comparing Operations Experience in US Retail 2021

Key findings

Analysis of the order, shipping, delivery and returns processes of the NRF’s Top 100 US e-commerce retailers has revealed some shocking insights that brands can learn from:


“Free” has a $35 fee

62% of retailers only provide free shipping with a minimum order value of $35, while an additional 30% of retailers in our study charge an additional $4.25 on average for shipping costs.


Customer contact required

Two-thirds of returns require customers to contact the retailer to request a returns label and process a return.


Customers are given the silent treatment

54% of retailers do not send a notification upon receipt of the return parcel and 64% do not communicate when a refund would be processed.

Stuart Hill

Any retailer, in any market, wants to make sure that the post-sales experience is as great as it can be. So any improvement will increase the percentage of returning customers. When there are specialists like parcelLab in the market that can solve that problem using minimal resources, it makes sense to partner externally on this and offer customers an immediate benefit.

Stuart Hill FARFETCH’s SVP of Logistics
Stuart Hill
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Why parcelLab?

Our platform is the central data hub for brands to build and manage all branded customer communication. Our technology enables brands to take their approach to the next level by orchestrating all post-sales processes and data sources in one hyper personalized, seamless, end-to-end experience. The fully customizable platform adapts to your brand’s needs and allows for true differentiation with customer-centricity at the heart of it

For brands, that means more chances to create relationships that last. And for the people that buy from you, it means turning mundane operational moments into moments of joy.

Be different & define your own outstanding customer experience.

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