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$2,400 per month
< 25,000 shipments per month
  • Post-purchase communication
  • Custom Track & Trace
  • Email performance metrics
  • Carrier analysis & reporting
  • Portal access
  • 7 of 22 messaging triggers
  • 2 of 8 content integrations*
  • Alerting & custom reports
  • Customer Success Manager
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> 25,000 shipments per month
  • Post-purchase communication
  • Custom Track & Trace
  • Email performance metrics
  • Carrier analysis & reporting
  • Portal access
  • All messaging triggers
  • All content integrations
  • Alerting & custom reports
  • Customer Success Manager
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* Integration of shop rating platforms (TrustPilot/Ekomi/TrustedShops) and Instagram/Blog

Post-Purchase Communication With ParcelLab

We adapt your post-purchase communication to the needs of you and your customers. You decide which modules you would like to use to create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.

Click & Collect

Clear communication for deliveries to store.

Drop Shipments

Transparent marketplace and longtail deliveries.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The de-facto standard for customer satisfaction.

First Mile Monitor

Late packing & shipping alerts before dispatch.

Returns Communication

Customer-centric returns process.

Split Order

Consolidated communication for multiple packages.

Pre-Dispatch Communications

Order confirmations, production steps , warehouse handling.

Home Delivery

2-Man-Handling with proactive communications.

Verified Attachments

Documented distribution of invoices and other PDFs.


Logistics monitoring and communication for haulage.

Additional Carrier

On-demand carrier integration.

High-Awareness Channels

Additional communication channels.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose parcelLab?

With our service, your customer’s delivery becomes relevant & personal, so you can create inspiring shopping experiences. By taking control back of shipping communications from the carrier, you will not only strengthen customer loyalty, but also optimise upselling potentials.

How long does the integration of parcelLab take?

The integration usually takes 1-2 weeks, whereby you only have to provide us with shipment data via BCC, csv upload or API. We'll do the rest for you.

Is parcelLab GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are completely DSGVO compliant. Your data remains in Germany and we also sign a contract with you in which the processing of your data is regulated.

What is the contract duration?

Our contracts have an annual term. In order to be able to test our service accordingly, you are entitled to a one-time special termination right within the first three months. Thereafter, the contract is automatically renewed for a further year unless terminated three months before the end of the term.

Can I test parcelLab for free?

We do not offer a free trial period. We offer a special right of termination within the first three months, so that you have sufficient time for testing.

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