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Tailored post-purchase solutions to engage customers, drive down service costs and reduce returns

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Benefits for fashion, apparel, and footwear brands


Keep customers engaged

Choreograph a remarkable post-purchase journey, not just touchpoints, with a 360-degree view of customers.


Build brand advocacy

Integrate social and review platforms into your experience so customers can easily shout their love for your brand.


Drive down CS costs

Go from reactive to proactive communication and enable self-service options like chat for quick 24x7 answers to post-purchase questions.


Reduce the impact of returns

Customize your returns process with different rules, logic, and communications flows to drive down returns and get items back in inventory faster.


The world’s leading fashion, apparel, and footwear brands trust parcelLab with their post-purchase experience

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increase in reviews


growth in site traffic


increase in basket size


All the post-purchase tools you need for …



Drive a high repeat purchase rate and create demand with hyper-relevant journeys tailored to each customer and their experience.

  • Give personalized shopping recommendations in post-purchase communications based on each customer’s personal order history.

  • Segment customers based on their current experience – whether the order arrived on time or they returned it – adjust content and communications flows to fit.

  • Target or suppress customers on ad platforms based on their experiences post-purchase.



Unlock all the potential hidden in shipment and delivery notifications to create excitement that builds loyalty.

  • Easily update promotional content to align with your current celebrity, back-to-school, summer, or holiday campaigns.

  • Catch your customers on any channel: email, website, chat, social or SMS.

  • Conduct A/B tests on communications to perfect every interaction.


Customer Service

Preempt, deflect, and manage costly “Where is my order or return” calls that monopolize customer service time.

  • Set expectations with delivery date promises pre-check out.

  • Give personalized details and status updates, not generic messages.

  • Get ahead of potential delays or problems with proactive communications before customers reach out.

  • Empower self-service support by connecting post-purchase data with chatbots.

  • Give customer service agents all the order details, shipping status updates and communications they need in a single view for more efficient calls that free up time for more challenging customer issues.



Online returns can seriously chip away at revenue. parcelLab enables you to significantly reduce returns rates and get items back in inventory faster.

  • Customize rules to reduce uneconomical and invalid returns.

  • Offer exchanges, gift cards or credit to recover revenue.

  • Enable different policies for VIPs like longer returns windows or free shipping.

  • Get returns back in inventory faster with proactive reminders.

  • Use returns data to quickly improve your ecommerce experience by adjusting details like sizing or item descriptions for better customer satisfaction and less likelihood of returns.

Colette Hilton

This partnership with parcelLab allows us to further refine our already industry leading digital offering and provide our customers with the most innovative online shopping experience.

Colette Hilton Head of Retail & Ecommerce UK & Ireland
Colette Hilton
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