parcelLab for furniture retailers - reliability pays off

The time from checkout to delivery is usually much longer for furniture and other home goods. Often these are shipped from a foreign country and by a specific freight forwarding company, so setting an exact delivery time is difficult. To keep the customer happy, it is therefore crucial that retailers keep their customers informed throughout the process and provide regular updates on delivery dates.

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Production stages

Keep the customer in the know by sending up-to-date communications about the production of their order. Not only does this keep them engaged throughout the potentially long lead-time from checkout to delivery, but it also reduces customer service enquiries for updates on delivery date.

Freight Forwarding Company Integration

parcelLab integrates with all major freight forwarding companies to guarantee up-to-date delivery information for both the retailer and the customer.

Personalised & Relevant Content

parcelLab allows retailers to go the exta mile and personalise all communications to the customer. Include assembly manuals or videos, as well as complementary products to help the customer complete the look.

Track & trace page

A white-labelled track & trace page, easily integrated into any shop with just a few lines of code. Live from the production stage right through to the last-mile delivery so the customer is always in the know.

Community Building

Utilise shipping notifications and the track & trace page by promoting newsletter subscription and social channels to create ongoing relationships with customers.

The results were very impressive – we saw an increase in sales, basket size and repeat purchases. The integration was easy and in a short amount of time, parcelLab has become a very valuable tool for us
Bernhard Schröder Head of IT,

Use Cases

Better Customer Experience

With personalized features, such as assembly instructions or video tutorials, sending messages can be made even more attractive and emotional.

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Fewer Customer Service Enquiries

Reliable shipping notifications will effectively reduce customer service enquiries.

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