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For brands & products it’s not necessarily about creating more revenue but adding value. Providing excellent customer experience benefits a brand by creating customer trust.

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parcelLab Features

Track & trace page

A white-labelled and branded track & trace page, easily integrated into any shop with just a few lines of code. Customisable to include recommended/complementary products.

Community Building

Utilise shipping notifications and the track & trace page by promoting newsletter subscription, brand ambassadors and social channels to create ongoing relationships with customers.

Personalised & Relevant Content

parcelLab allows brands to go the extra mile and personalise all communications to the customer. Include branded and ambassador content to show customers the brand’s unique personality.

Return Tracking

Keep the customer informed about where their return is and, most importantly, when they’ll receive their refund to continue to build trust in the brand.

When it comes to asking for product reviews, it’s all about the right timing. With parcelLab, we have tailored the shipping communication to the various stages of the process and our request reaches our customers exactly when they are happy to hold their parcel in their hands and are really ready to evaluate them.
Deborah Kirchner Email marketing manager, hessnatur Learn more

Use Cases

Better Customer Experience

By giving brands control back of post-purchase communications, parcelLab has helped brands increase revenues by up to 10%.

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Fewer Customer Service Enquiries

Improving communication from checkout to returns has helped brands reduce customer service enquiries by up to 30%.

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Fewer returns

By proactively communicating with customers post-purchase, brands have seen the number of returns decrease by up to 5%.

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