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Create new reasons for people to love Dunelm by building a standout returns experience tailored to your customers.  

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Accenture analysts found that a good returns experience can lead to an increase in profit of 22-46% per customer on average over six months. So it’s more important than ever before to focus on providing the best possible returns experience.

Dunelm’s latest campaign ‘Dun Your Way is all about giving customers the confidence to create their homes, their way.’ It’s all about how Dunelm can help customers to create personalised and wonderful experiences at home!

We have placed a test order to analyse YOUR returns experience and have compared it to other leading retailers. Dunelm performs well although we have identified some areas where the experience could be even stronger. Here are our findings.


What we liked!

dunelm refund email

You’re sending useful information in the refund email with a summary of refunded items. 47% of top retailers in the UK don’t send a recap of refunded items in their communications.

dunelm feedback email

You’re asking for feedback on the return process specifically. None of the retailers tested do so!


Dunelm processed returns refunded in 6 days, that’s 33% faster than the average retailer!


parcelLab tips and recommendations to improve Dunelm returns experience

dunelm drawer

1. Put your data to work!

Returns and refunds create so much data from many different sources. This data needs to be cleaned, analysed, harmonised and harnessed to create an engaging experience. By taking full control of the returns communications process you can eradicate customer experience gaps and substantially reduce inbound queries. This also has the added benefit of bringing customers back to your site encouraging repurchase and therefore adding revenue.


2. Give customers the personalised communications they want

Make your customer feel special and remain competitive by adding branding and personalized content in returns communications. Creating a more positive experience with the brand is an opportunity to re-engage shoppers, offer alternative items and encourage future purchases.

dunelm personnalised comms
dunelm keep customers in your ecosystem

3. Keep customers in your ecosystem

Websites like Royal Mail, UPS or FedEX are some of the most visited sites on the web. They collectively generate millions of monthly visits, most of which are from people tracking their orders. Instead of handing over your customer traffic to these sites, why not send shoppers to a branded, in-store order tracking page instead? It creates a superior customer experience and gives you the opportunity to engage customers and encourage them to shop with you again. 


State Of The Returns Market

Check out this report for a more in depth look at how your returns experience compares to 200 other brands in the UK.

Here is the report to discover how they perform!

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