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September 2022




Customer Experience

For e-commerce professionals that focus on customer experience, service, operations, supply chain, marketing or branding

OXFEST Examples

Real-World Examples

Learn from industry leaders who have faced similar challenges in today’s retail landscape and see their practical solutions

Cutting Edge Innovation

Turn operational complexity in your post-purchase journey into opportunities for engagement with your customers


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The registration is 100% free and allows you to watch the OX Fest’22 sessions on-demand!



How can I watch OX Fest’22 on-demand sessions?

If you did not register to watch OX Fest’22 live, you should register now to be able to watch all the on-demand sessions of this event for free. After registration, you will get an email with your login link to access the content.

If you registered for OX Fest’22 live, you should use your unique login link to access the event platform. Check your email account for your confirmation email.


When will the sessions be available?

OX Fest’22 sessions will be available on-demand from September 19 on.


Where can I watch the on-demand sessions?

The sessions are available at our event platform Goldcast. Use your login link to access the platform - it was sent to you via email after your registration. If you didn’t register yet, you can do it now to get your own login details. It is Free!