Sep 12

Welcome to OX Fest’22!

8:30 AM EDT I 1:30 PM BST I 2:30 PM CET

It’s finally here! Join parcelLab’s CEO and Co-Founder, Tobias Buxhoidt, on the latest industry trends, and how they are affecting e-commerce as we know it. Plus, get the latest parcelLab insights on Peak Season– and how your brand can gear up for the busy months ahead.

Speakers: Tobias Buxhoidt (parcelLab), Angus Knights (parcelLab)

Delivering Customer Experience Magic

9:15 AM EDT I 2:15 PM BST I 3:15 PM CET

Disney’s ability to redefine and dominate nearly every industry it has ever entered is no coincidence. The continued success of Disney has been driven by a foundational trait of the company that goes all the way back to its founder, Walt Disney, who was merciless in his pursuit of innovating the customer experience. By viewing all major business decisions as a customer experience decision, The Walt Disney Company continues to find innovative ways to engage consumers around the world, both old and new. And these innovative experiences have created one of the most passionate, loyal fanbases of all time. So, how does Disney Think Different and leverage creativity to innovate the customer experience? Through several specific tools and examples, Duncan will share this information with your teams during my Delivering Customer Experience Magic keynote.

You’ll learn from the following examples:
• By simply re-expressing the industry challenge Walt Disney created a level of hospitality that has never been replicated.
• How Walt Disney challenged the rules of the industry, coming up with the biggest creative solution of the twentieth century.
• Learn how the Disney Parks turned a very productcentric culture into a consumer-centric one.
• How Disney leverages High Tech to enable High Touch, delivering record guest satisfaction.
• Instead of asking “What do we need to do make greater profits?”, learn how Disney created record revenues by focusing on their consumers biggest pain points.

Speaker: Duncan Wardle (Former Head of Innovation and Creativity, Disney)

What’s coming up this week at OX Fest’22?

10:15 AM EDT I 3:15 PM BST I 4:15 PM CET

Angus will chat through what’s to come for the rest of OX Fest’22 and introduce our final speaker of the day.

Speaker: Angus Knights (parcelLab)

How To Fix EVERYTHING: A short, common sense presentation on solving all the issues around e-commerce, shipping , returns, marketing +WISMO

10:20 AM EDT I 3:20 PM BST I 4:20 PM CET

Join Dr. Max Chalice and Professor Ernest Thurliss for a session on the problems facing today’s retailers and brands–and some future-focused tips to solve them!

Speakers: Dr. Max Chalice (Global Worldwide Business International) & Professor Ernest Thurliss (Global Worldwide Business International)


Sep 13

All Together Now: How Supply Chain, Customer Experience, Operations and Marketing can work together to deliver on customer expectations

9:00 AM EDT I 2:00 PM BST I 3:00 PM CET

It’s no secret that customer expectations are higher than ever before. But when logistics and supply chain are more complicated than ever, how can brands meet customer demand while staying sane?

Join the industry’s top retailers for a panel discussion to learn:
• Why synergy between Supply Chain, Customer Experience, Operations, and Marketing are crucial to your brand’s success
• How companies can use data across departments to identify areas for improvement
• The top companies to watch who are exemplifying the end-to-end customer experience

Moderator: Natalie Sherman (parcelLab)
Panel: Akash Luthra (CHICO’S FAS), Mikael Aman (H&M), Andrea Mingers (QVC)

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Leveraging data to understand true SLA and exceed customer demand

9:40 AM EDT I 2:40 PM BST I 3:40 PM CET

Between supply chain issues and carrier delays, it’s more important than ever for brands to understand SLAs, and how they’re meeting–or failing–their customers’ rising expectations.
Join Calum McGee from MOO as he details the importance of leveraging data to ensure complete control over the customer experience.

In this session, you’ll learn:
• How using parcel data can reveal gaps in actual performance vs. customer promise
• Best practices for using data to effectively communicate with customers
• MOO’s story– and how they’ve used parcel data to see improvements in key performance areas

Speaker: Calum McGee (MOO)

Silver Linings Playbook: How to transform supply chain issues into new engagement opportunities

10:20 AM EDT I 3:20 PM BST I 4:20 PM CET

Even the best laid plans can go awry. And in the face of a pandemic, labor shortages, and even blocked canals, retailers and brands must hope for the best, but prepare for the unexpected. Taking this even further, brands can use this operational complexity during fulfillment, shipping, delivery, repairs and returns, to create opportunities to wow customers. Join Supply Chain Expert Julia Edler and parcelLab’s Julian Krenge to learn:

• Current trends in supply chain like changes in  labor availability, increasing supply chain resilience, and the use of advanced analytics, AI, automation & robotics
• To use data to identify potential issues in the supply chain–and the barriers retailers are facing along the way
• To increase customer happiness by managing expectations and communicating proactively in traditional retail and e-commerce
• To implement moments of ‘delight’ when customer expectations are not met through collaboration between brands, LSPs and tech solutions providers

Speaker: Julia Edler (Neovia Logistics) & Julian Krenge (parcelLab)

The Great Data Debate: How the US and Europe are Keeping Consumer Data Safe (and what it means for retail)

11:00 AM EDT I 4:00 PM BST I 5:00 PM CET

Retailers are constantly adjusting their email, data privacy, and security across the globe to keep customer data safe, and to maintain compliance with local regulations. But who is keeping customer data safer–Europe or the US?
Join Harpreet Sagoo as she hosts Team Europe and Team USA in the ultimate data privacy smackdown! In this session, you’ll:

• Hear an overview on the different types of data, and how they can be used legally
• Learn the latest in email and data regulations in the US and Europe (and who is keeping consumer data safer)
• The certifications every retailer should look for in their tech providers to keep their customers’ data secure

Moderator: Harpreet Sagoo (parcelLab)

Team Europe: Christian Schefold & Sebastian von Haldenwang (Dentons Europe)

Team USA: Gerry Silver (Sullivan & Worcester) & James Farnsworth (Capgemini)


Sep 14

What Goes Around: The benefits of embracing a circular economy for retailers and customers

9:00 AM EDT I 2:00 PM BST I 3:00 PM CET

The circular economy offers another way of doing business. Companies are finding new ways to repair, recycle, and re-sell their products. And in the process, they’re building more lasting relationships with their customers. In this session, parcelLab will chat with Founder and CEO of Save Your Wardrobe, Hasna Kourda. You’ll learn:

• How employing a circular model creates benefits for sustainability efforts, supply chains, and customer loyalty
• The logistics behind putting a circular model into practice
• How Save Your Wardrobe uses circularity to delight their customers

Speaker: Hasna Kourda (Save Your Wardrobe)

Changing Tides: How Luke’s Lobster has adapted to accelerate growth while deepening commitment to purpose

9:40 AM EDT I 2:40 PM BST I 3:40 PM CET

Since its start in 2009, Luke’s Lobster has redefined what success looks like for a seafood company. Join Erica Davis as she interviews Ben Conniff to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities in the customer and company journeys that have shaped the way that Luke’s Lobster achieves growth. You’ll learn:

- The story of Luke’s Lobster, and the ways that modernization of the industry has both driven and challenged growth
- The unique challenges of fulfillment and post-sales experience for seafood products
- How Luke’s Lobster has enabled purpose-driven transformation for their supply networks and local partners

Speaker: Erica Davis (SAP), Ben Conniff (Luke’s Lobster)

Mission Possible: Creating responsible eCommerce solutions that wow your customers

10:20 AM EDT I 3:20 PM BST I 4:20 PM CET

Too often, brands sacrifice environmental responsibility for the sake of the all-important bottom line. But who says you can’t delight customers while making a positive step for the environment? Join Angus Knights of parcelLab and Bethany Castle of Patagonia as they discuss a few of the steps Patagonia has taken to positively impact their business AND the planet. In this session, you’ll learn:
• Patagonia’s action and commitment to reducing carbon emissions
• How customer experience can improve with more sustainable options (even with increased logistical complexity)
• How Patagonia infuses their mission throughout the customer experience, educating while providing top-notch service

Speakers: Bethany Castle (Patagonia) & Angus Knights (parcelLab)

Inbox Innovation: Exploring best practices in post-purchase email marketing

11:00 AM EDT I 4:00 PM BST I 5:00 PM CET

It is important to remember that post-purchase emails receive high engagement. In fact, open rates can be 8 x higher than standard marketing emails. Retailers can take advantage of these open rates to drive customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

In this session, you’ll:
• Learn the five key touchpoints for email communications after the sale
• Understand the importance of personalization in the customer journey
• See examples of top-notch post-purchase emails from leading retailers

Speaker: Angus Knights (parcelLab)


Always On

Post-Purchase Metrics to Watch: E-comm benchmarks and why your business needs them

Having a robust post-purchase strategy is a no-brainer for businesses looking to reduce customer inquiries, improve customer loyalty, and pull off seamless returns. But how can retailers benchmark their current post-purchase stats–and what are the metrics to watch? This session will inspire you to pull back the curtains on your post-purchase approaches and uncover strengths and opportunities, so your customers keep coming back.

Key takeaways will include:
• How retailers can benchmark their own post-purchase processes, identifying current gaps and opportunity areas
• Examples of how leading retailers like Lidl and Bose have enhanced their post-purchase journeys
• Practical tips on how to turn your operational complexity into engagement opportunities with your customers

Speaker: Jay Nierodzik (parcelLab)

Retail Deep Dive: Fashion & Beauty

Apparel + beauty brands have a unique challenge selling online–where returns are more frequent, and customer expectations are at an all-time high.

This session will cover:
• How fashion + beauty retailers can turn these challenges into shoppable touchpoints–leading to increased basket sizes, brand affinity, and personalization
• Trends in fashion retail, and how some top retailers are changing their returns policies
• How to leverage existing customers to build community around your brand

Speaker: Lisa Smith (parcelLab)

Retail Deep Dive: Home Furnishing

Selling home furnishings online presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for retailers and brands. While customers love the greater selection and convenience, retailers often grapple with supply chain issues, expensive shipping costs, and complex returns or replacements.

In this session, you’ll learn:
• How incorporating tech like AR and 3D tools can improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction
• How the rise of recommerce is reducing the impact of returns, while creating less furniture waste
• How a clear and multi-channel communications strategy can increase customer loyalty and reduce inquiries

Speaker: Lisa Smith (parcelLab)

When Silence Isn’t Golden: 6 Tips to reduce your brand’s WISMO inquiries

WISMO, or “Where is my Order” inquiries can account for between 70- 80% of all customer service calls during peak season. However, retailers can avoid this happening by proactively communicating with their customers during delivery, rather than relying on the carrier to do so.

In this session, you’ll learn:
• Why reducing WISMO is crucial for retailers and customers in today’s e-Commerce landscape
• Six tips to implement to reduce WISMO calls (and keep your customers in the know)

Speaker: Natalie Sherman (parcelLab)

A Greener Path Forward: How Evolving Consumer Sentiment is Bringing Forward Eco-Friendly Shipping in Ecommerce

A survey by IBM found that 9 out of 10 consumers would prefer to see an eco-friendly shipping option at checkout. What's more, the majority of millennial and gen z consumers think about a brand’s sustainability prior to making a purchase. As a result, major companies in the ecommerce space like Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy, and Apple are pledging to go carbon neutral. Join Travis Edwards from EasyPost as he details how evolving consumer sentiment makes the case for ecommerce companies to invest in green initiatives now.
In this session, you’ll learn about:

• The growing carbon footprint from ecommerce
• The industry’s response to evolving consumer sentiment towards sustainability
• Why eco-friendly shipping = more purchases
• How EasyPost’s Carbon Offset API can help companies adapt to these trends
• And more!

Speaker: Travis Edwards (EasyPost)

Fireside Chat: Innovation and the Post-Purchase Customer Experience

With more tech solutions than every before, how can brands and retailers up-level their customers’ experiences? In this session with CommerceHub’s Chris Koeppel and parcelLab’s Tobias Buxhoidt, you’ll learn:

- The current challenges and opportunities in post-purchase
- How retailers can improve their customers’ journeys through a holistic post-purchase experience
- What’s next for retailers in post-purchase

Speakers: Chris Koeppel (CommerceHub) & Tobias Buxhoidt (parcelLab)

The Right Box(es): Packing Efficiency as a Foundational Requirement of eCommerce

The customer experience of ordering something online can’t compare to the carefully-crafted analogue kind in Brick and Mortar stores. There’s no perfectly-tuned lighting, music playlist, or helpful employee making eye
contact. There’s only one physical part of the post-purchase eCom experience.

Opening the box.

In recent history, the prevailing wisdom was that “online shoppers just want their stuff, and they want it fast.” So why are so many consumers posting photos and videos on social media of poorly packed boxes, excoriating
extra air or fill material in the box(es) they received? Are they right to be mad?

Speaker: James Malley (Paccurate)

Five Strategies to Increase your Revenue with CX

In this session, Niklas and Hannes will share 5 strategies that will help you increase your revenue with CX. Learn what you should focus on in your customer experience and how your customer data will drive marketing, e-commerce, sales and service and thus your revenue in the long run.

Speakers: Hannes Schaetzle (SAP Customer Experience) & Niklas Fechner (SAP Customer Experience)


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