OX: A customer’s perspective

This study compares the shipping experiences of Germany’s 100 largest online shops. We examine customer expectations and identify the key areas retailers need to improve to meet them.

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What this study covers

The survey

We conducted a survey with more than 2,000 online shoppers from Germany in June 2020. The questions focused on their online shopping behaviors.

Our findings

We compared our survey results with our findings in our E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020 to identify what customers expect and how retailers perform.

Tips & learnings

We combined the survey’s insights and our experience to create actionable advice for retailers to improve their Operations Experience.

About our research

  Demography of the participants

Between June 19 and 22 2020, 2038 participants answered a total of 18 questions in an online interview. With 51.4% female and 48.6% male participants, the gender is almost equally distributed. The group of >55-year-olds is most strongly represented with 41.3%.

  Who is the study interesting for?

The study is valuable for all online merchants and companies that want to improve their operations experience.

  Which phase of the customer journey was examined?

All stages of the customer journey, including checkout, shipping, payment and returns handling were examined.

  Why do we want an e-mail address in return?

We are pleased about the interest in our study, which we are happy to share. To also enable us to further improve our services and future studies and make them more relevant, we ask for your business e-mail in return.