Get more out of your post-purchase order tracking experience

No compromises on customer experience. Reduce service costs. Get more conversions.

Improve your tracking experience
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Customize your track & trace landing page

Create a premium order and delivery experience like no other

With rising customer acquisition costs, supply chain complexity, and changing consumer habits a generic post purchase experience is no longer enough to deliver true business benefits. With parcelLab you can get an order status and delivery page up and running on your website with minimal effort. One that delivers an authentic brand experience in your look and voice that embodies your culture and customers’ lifestyle. With the ability to continually customize your experience to fit your business.


Build community with your delivery experience

Differentiate your brand by making your community a part of your package tracking platform. Share beautiful imagery from your Instagram and influencers to create an emotional connection with new customers. Customize your experience with SMS opt-in or sign-ups for newsletters or special events to stay connected.

Interactive social media shopping experience
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Convert customer excitement into additional revenue

With an order tracking platform integrated in your shopping experience you can take advantage of site analytics to see how changes to your order status page impact site traffic. Support integrated marketing campaign efforts with ad space available for upsell engagement. Integrate your recommendation engine to encourage customers to shop while they wait, suggest accessories and other products related to their order for follow-on purchases.


Slash inbound WISMO inquiries more than traditional package tracking tools

Deliver the most convenient post-purchase experience ever. Give customers everything they need all in one place and they’ll rarely reach out for customer service help.

- Production and warehouse updates
- Delivery tracking
- Details on multipackage orders
- Inflight options for address or schedule changes

Our operations and engineering experts will help you make it possible by connecting your systems and data from warehouse, payments, ERP, CMS, carriers, marketing and content platforms, and customer services systems. Because getting the right data to the right place at the tight time is critical to delivering a personalized and efficient experience that saves you real money on service costs.

Reduce WISMO inquiries with parcel tracking notifications
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parcelLab provides all parties with more transparency in the otherwise opaque shipping process. The customers know the current status of their order and we know whether everything is running smoothly with our logistics partners. In addition, we are now learning much more about what our customers think about us. This is a real win-win situation for everyone.

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Robin Jakoby
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growth in site traffic

boost in sales

increase in customer reviews


Take your post-purchase order tracking experience to the next level
Features that give you flexibility to build the experience you want



Your brand look and voice. Embedded on your site via JS Snippet.


My Account

Provide delivery status in My Account section.


Get Feedback

Add thumbs up/down polling for carrier performance and post-purchase communication.


Inflight Options

Reduce frustration and failed deliveries with options to reschedule delivery times or change drop off locations.


Click & Collect

Display accurate and timely updates on when and where to collect orders.



Give the same experience for your marketplace shipments.


App Support

Push order status, shipping and delivery details via your app.



Include SMS signup on your track & trace page and keep customers updated instantly via SMS.



Provide order status, shipping and delivery details via your chatbot.


An order status page is a self-service portal where e-commerce shoppers can track the progress of their order from processing through shipping and delivery.

It helps customers stay informed in real time without having to ask customer service agents for live assistance. This alleviates some of the anxiety that comes with e-commerce shopping. It can be especially helpful when customers order multiple items that ship separately. For brands, it helps to reduce the number of times customers interact with service agents. Whenever a brand can answer a repeatable question before it’s asked, it reduces costs and helps free up agents to address more complex questions. Having more agents available reduces hold times and improves overall customer experience.It also helps brands bring shoppers back to their site sooner. This helps build more traffic, increases their domain authority, and leads to more repeat shopping.

Absolutely. Brands should customize their order status pages to fit their brand style and voice and stand out from the competition. Some customization options could include offering customers the opportunity to sign up for SMS updates, news, and special offers. Brands can integrate product recommendation engines to show customers more products they might like, encouraging them to shop again. Marketing teams might want to showcase the latest offers and promotions or integrate social platforms to share user-generated and influencer content. E-commerce and product owners might add links to setup guides and user documentation for electronics and appliances which can help reduce returns and increase adoption.

While building an order status page in-house is possible, most e-commerce retailers will want to work with a technology vendor. This will cut down on the development costs, implementation timeand comes with many advantages for maintenance and innovation. There are a few things to look for in a post-purchase experience platform provider. The first is responsiveness. Retailers don’t want to sacrifice customization to work with a vendor. Delivering the same experience as their competition won’t help them stand out either. A vendor that will be responsive to their needs will make it easier to find ways to improve the order status page over time and create a unique experience for shoppers. The platform should also be easy to use and work well with the e-commerce retailer’s existing tech stack, making personalization and customization simple and straightforward.

Featured Capabilities

integrate your system with parcelLab


We’re flexible. Send order data by file, API, webhook or stream, and we’ll take care of the rest. Take advantage of our standard integrations with most shop systems such as Shopify, Magento, and SAP.

integrate carriers like tnt, ups, dpd and dhl with parcelLab


We’ve got integrations with hundreds of the most common carriers around the globe and we add new carriers every week. Our dedicated carrier team keeps integrations and data updated and optimized for consistent and clear communications.

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