Your Entire Logistics At A Glance

With the parcelLab logistics dashboard you get a detailed overview of all your shipments and can also monitor the quality of your logistics service providers

Create transparency with your own shipping analysis

Intelligent Logistics Dashboard For Your Shipping

With the logistics dashboard, you keep track of all the key KPIs of your logistics and can check the performance of your logistics service providers. The Smart Search and Watch List allow you to track the status of your shipments quickly and without the hassle of searching for customer or order numbers.

Global Tracking

parcelLab monitors shipping data of more than 300 carriers worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your logistics dashboard

How is my data imported?

Thanks to our fast technical integration via BCC email, FTP Upload or Restful API all shipping data can be found directly in your logistics dashboard.

How does Smart Search work?

Customers rarely have their order number or customer number at hand. With the help of the Smart Search, you can easily find shipping information by name, e-mail address or shipping address.

Can my data be exported?

Yes, all data from our logistics dashboard can be exported as Excel or CSV. Additionally you can also create a direct interface to your CRM or BI tool.

Are there restrictions on countries/ logistics service providers?

The logistics dashboard can be used in any country. Data of more than 300 worldwide logistics service providers can be used to analyze your shipping data.

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