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Inside parcelLab: Interview with Björn

What does a working day at parcelLab actually look like? In our series "Inside parcelLab", we interview our employees to reveal some interesting insights into life at parcelLab. Here's what Björn had to say...

Björn Jansen – Entrepreneur in Residence

Key Facts

Name: Björn Jansen

Age: 29 years

Position at parcelLab: Entrepreneur in Residence

Origin: Amberg, Oberpfalz

1. Briefly tell us what your everyday working life at parcelLab looks like

In the Munich office I am usually there shortly before 7:00am and start the day with a large cup of coffee. At the moment, however, I am traveling in Australia and here my working day begins at 6:00am – also with a cup of coffee but an additional sea view. Then I read through all the messages, emails and tasks and check what I missed in my home country. Otherwise, every day is very different, depending on the topics I’m working on.

2. Tell us about your professional career 

After school I went to Regensburg to study civil engineering. Not my best idea: I quickly realised that this is not my interest at all. I then studied printing and media technology at HS Munich. After my bachelor’s thesis (2015), it became clear to me that I absolutely wanted to found and build something of my own. To gain experience and improve my skills, I worked for an advertising agency in Account Management after I graduated. In 2016 I took the plunge and I started working on my first (theoretically) good idea: a search engine for sports and fitness products. As a founder, I gained experience in all areas that are important in a young company. From working out the business idea, founding a GmbH, building a team, finding investors and implementing the website and branding. In these three years I was able to experience and learn an incredible amount. The biggest lesson: not everything reaches its potential. That’s how I came to parcelLab.

3. What do you like most about parcelLab and your job?

The fact that I can still learn a lot here and especially the great team. My position was created independently of any department so that I can gain insight into all areas. That makes it very exciting for me every day. And of course I couldn’t not mention the weekly Taaaaaco Tuesday!

4. In your opinion, what makes parcelLab unique?

The creative and motivated people behind parcelLab: the team! Everyone pulls together and pursues a common goal. There is a great working atmosphere in which everyone is given all the opportunity and freedom to contribute and implement their own ideas.

5. What are the characteristics of the perfect parcelLab applicant?

Initiative, reliability, motivation and humour.

6. How would you describe the working atmosphere at parcelLab?

Excellent! (At least it was the last time I was in the Munich office 😉)

7. What was your favourite moment at parcelLab so far? And why? 

The last round of financing and of course the successful completion of this. Why? Because it is a confirmation that we are on the right path and that everyone in the team is doing its part.

8. What qualities and strengths have you gained during your time at parcelLab?

Learning never stops and my time so far at parcelLab has taught me a lot of new things. During the financing round, I learnt even more about the evaluation and background of company key figures. Recently I have been working on our website and was able to expand my knowledge of WordPress.

9. What challenges have you had to face during your time at parcelLab and how did you overcome them?

There are always new challenges with a start-up – it never ends. There are also new tasks every day and I think that’s a good thing, because you can use them to grow and learn new things. 

10. What makes Munich so attractive for you? 

I have been living in Munich for nine years now and just love the city. It only takes about two hours to go home and otherwise I have (almost) everything I need here.

11. How would you spend your perfect weekend?

For the perfect weekend, I first need it to be at least 25 degrees. Then, I like to be flexible with the rest of the details. The most important thing is a little basketball and good friends and my girlfriend being there.

12. What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

Good mood, helpful/reliable, motivated (Credit @Coco)

Would you also like to become part of the parcelLab team? Check out our careers page here.

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