June 14 - 3PM CEST / 2PM BST / 9AM EDT


5 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Post-Purchase Software

A real conversation with STOKKE to help you select the best fitting post-purchase partner. Join us to:

  • Know what you should ask when evaluating a post-purchase solution
  • Get real-world examples of effective post-purchase communications
  • Discuss perspectives on where the future is heading

Save Your Spot

Choosing a post-purchase solution is complicated because it involves so many different teams. Your digital and e-commerce teams are obsessed with the buying experience. Meanwhile, your logistics operation and customer service are focused on fulfillment, delivery, and service level.

The post-purchase experience platform you choose has to support all those teams with their goals and be flexible enough to work for your unique business. On June 14, join Martin Weis, Global eCommerce Operations Manager at STOKKE, and Angus Knights, Head of Product Success at parcelLab, for a webinar about:

  • 5 questions everyone should ask when evaluating post-purchase software solutions
  • Real-world examples of effective post-purchase communications
  • Perspectives on where the future is heading