German E-commerce returns study 2022


Comparison of customer expectations and returns processes and services of 100 of the largest online stores in Germany

German E-commerce Return Study 2022

Content of the study


German online retailing is characterized by free returns like no other

Is that still in keeping with the times? This study provides exclusive insights into what online shoppers want when it comes to returns and what services the top 100 retailers in Germany offer.

  • 14 questions to 2,200 online shoppers about returns
  • 100 test orders from online stores & analysis of shipping, delivery and returns
  • Segmentation of returns behavior by age group
  • 7 advantages of returns portals

Key findings

90 of the top 100 online stores do not charge for no fees for returns,

90 retailers do not charge fees for returns

Only 36% of online shoppers over the age of 18 are generally rigorous in their rejection of chargeable returns.

Only 36% of respondents generally reject returns for which a fee is charged

34% accept vouchers, with immediate refund of the value of the goods