State of Operations Experience Management 2022: US Deep Dive

The webinar will feature both high-level market comparisons, as well as deep-dives into the results for the US region.



Julia Henry - Marketing and Communications Manager, USA, parcelLab

Julia Henry

US Marketing and Communications Manager

James Nierodzik - OXM Solutions Expert | Director of Solutions Consulting, North America, parcelLab

James Nierodzik

Director of Solutions Consulting, NA


Did you know?

– 83% of retailers charge for shipping or have a minimum order value to qualify for free shipping

– 95% of retailers don’t include recycling information on their packaging

– 47% of retailers take longer than 10 days to process a return and refund



4 markets, 650 retailers, hundreds of online orders and thousands of touch points.

At parcelLab we conducted our annual market research and are excited to share what the post-purchase experience looks like in 2022. Hint – some markets are doing much better than others.

You can watch the high-level market comparisons, as well as deep-dives into the results for each region (in local language!)

Join us for both parts or choose the one you are most interested in!


What you'll learn

Post-purchase strategies and tactics of leading brands worldwide (featuring examples from H&M, Bose, IKEA, Back Market!)

Trends, insights and opportunities to outperform your competition

Critical areas to address right away


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