E-Commerce Shipping Study 2018

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E-Commerce Shipping Study 2018

A detailed study on the performance of the 100 largest German online shops in the area of checkout, shipping and returns.


We analyzed which shipping options are available, how high the delivery charges are and how shipping times are communicated.


How do retailers communicate with their customers? We looked at the parcel tracking & shipping notifications in detail.


How are returns processed and when is the money refunded? There are big differences between the dealers in the service quality.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the parcelLab shipping analysis

Which online retailers were examined during the shipping study?

The e-commerce shipping study analyzes the shipping and return services of the top 100 German online retailers. The selection is based on the list: EHI Statista e-commerce market Germany 2017.

Which shipping phases were investigated in the study?

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We examined the checkout process as well as shipping and the returns process summarizing the results in the study. For this purpose, a questionnaire with 32 questions was developed covering all relevant topics.

For whom is the shipping study interesting?

For any retailer who ships goods! The e-commerce shipping study is suitable for all online retailers and businesses that want to benchmark their shipping & returns processes with those of the top 100 online retailers.

Can I also have my shipping process analyzed?

Of course. parcelLab offers all retailers, who send more than 5,000 shipments per month, an exclusive shipping analysis from checkout to the dispatch and return. Retailers can sign-up here: Free shipping analysis.