Weltbild Customer Success Story

Sharp decline in returns and a positive ROI from day one

75% Open rate
2-5% Less
Day 1 Positive ROI
from day one

Weltbild – From Book Publisher To Multichannel Company

Since its inception in 1948, it has transformed from a classic publishing house into a digital multichannel and media company and today with around 1,350 employees and a turnover of more than 400 million euros, it is one of the leading book, media and internet companies in Europe.

Book trade, publishing house, mail order business

Orders/ month:
Six-figure range

Logistics Partner:
DHL, Post AT, Swiss Post, Hermes

The Challenge

Focus on the customer – even during shipment

Individual customer service right up to the front door

As the focus is on the customer, constant optimisation is our primary concern. A point that has been missing so far: To personally accompany the customer during shipment “on the last mile to the front door”. Although the main focus was during the entire shopping process, after the customer clicked on purchase and the shipping information was sent, there was no longer communication with the customer. This has now changed.

Seamless shopping experience

Shipping is for many the most emotional phase in the customer journey. After the purchase, the customer wants to be able to finally hold the exciting novel, the pretty pillow or the new tablet in their hands. That’s why they want to know what’s going on with their package. A retailer who proactively keeps its customers up to date and therefore doesn’t let the shopping experience be lost scores major points here.

The number of customer service inquiries concerning the whereabouts of sent packages significantly decreased. Because Weltbild acts even before a customer asks for customer service. If a package is delayed, Weltbild contacts the customer directly. This relieves customer service employees, who then have more resources available for other matters.

Christian Sailer Chairman of the Management Board, Weltbild
Thanks to parcelLab, we were able to improve customer communication and make it more transparent. Weltbild puts its customers centre stage across the entire customer journey – no matter where they are at the time. This gives them an all-round good shopping experience.

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The Solution

parcelLab features in action

Shipping notifications

Fully automated shipping notifications in Weltbild branding

Track & Trace Page

Important shipping events and details available at a glance


Transparent communication at every point of the customer journey – from order to dispatch

Individual shipping notifications

Weltbild found the expert for shipping communication with parcelLab: Fully automated messages about the delivery, possible delays and the exact place and time of the parcel are tailored to each individual customer and then send when they are most relevant for the customer. An intelligent algorithm determines the best possible time based on data from millions of parcels. “Weltbild’s individual customer service and communication with the customer now goes from dispatch right up to the front door,” says Christian Sailer, Chairman of the Weltbild Management Board.

Fast integration and positive ROI from day one

The solution parcelLab was implemented in less than four weeks – simple, uncomplicated and fast. The interaction of shipping messages and the track & trace page creates a holistic shopping experience throughout the entire customer journey. “This increases trust and creates greater customer loyalty,” says Sailer. Weltbild customers feel looked after. This is also reflected in the KPIs: Since the implementation of parcelLab, not only have customer service inquiries been reduced by 7.5%, which has resulted in a positive ROI of communication since day one, but also the number of returns has been reduced by up to 5%. Because informed customers are happy customers.

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