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The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is Europe’s leading retailer of consumer electronics and accessories

The company is comprised of the MediaMarkt and Saturn brands, which collectively form a network of approximately 1,000 stores.

In addition, both brands operate popular online shops. The team wanted to ensure that they deliver an engaging online shopping experience that leaves a lasting impression on their customers.

In a crowded market, MediaMarktSaturn wanted to create long-term brand ambassadors, so needed to deliver an impressive customer experience.

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Improve customer engagement

Before working with parcelLab, MediaMarktSaturn lost contact with customers after checkout. They recognized that this was a wasted opportunity for them to stand out, build loyalty and win repeat business.

Which is why they decided that parcelLab would be the ideal partner, enabling them to regain full control of their communication throughout the entire customer journey.

Marius Lückemeyer

With parcelLab, we created additional communication and marketing channels that are very well received by our customers. Through the intelligent shipping communication provided, we have significantly reduced customer service inquiries.

Marius Lückemeyer Chief Digital Officer
Marius Lückemeyer
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Redesign post-sales communication

Our intelligent platform validates MediaMarktSaturn’s shipment data and combines it with their carrier’s shipping information to deliver personalized, accurate messages.

Working with parcelLab, the team created a new communication workflow, including a delivery window notification, pick-up updates and feedback requests.

This approach enables them to successfully manage expectations, boost customer engagement and deliver a better overall service.

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Informed and happy customers

After leveraging our platform to add new customer touch points, MediaMarktSaturn’s customer engagement increased throughout shipping and beyond.

With open rates of 71%, their customers welcome the personalized, valuable information that they now receive.

Additionally, the team have seen a significant drop in ‘Where is my order’ customer inquiries, meaning the cost and workload of the support team has reduced.