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The FARFETCH marketplace connects customers in over 190 countries with items from nearly 1,300 of the world’s best brands. The team delivers a truly unique shopping experience with access to an extensive selection of luxury, all on one platform.

But the complex supply chain of the FARFETCH marketplace made it challenging for the team to deliver consistent post-purchase experiences. As a result, the team needed a solution that would give them back control of customer communication during operational processes.

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First, parcelLab began cleaning and harmonizing FARFETCH’s data from every source within its network. The data was gathered and processed in parcelLab’s advanced data core.

This data became the foundation for FARFETCH’s customer communication. The teams collaborated to design a communication workflow that reflects the complex supply chain of the global marketplace. Each touch point is fully customizable, personalized, and crucially, sent from within FARFETCH’s ecosystem.

Stuart Hill

We believe that the customer experience should be from the FARFETCH brand. One of the challenges of FARFETCH’s pioneering business model, combined with an intricate fulfillment chain, is being able to communicate this complexity to our customers. Therefore it’s important to have the FARFETCH brand in front of our customers, which parcelLab enables us to do.

Stuart Hill SVP of Logistics
Stuart Hill
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Using parcelLab’s platform, FARFETCH now consolidates multiple orders and tracking links into the same communication and tracking page. This transforms complex operations data into simple, engaging, and consistent customer experience.

The post-purchase data gathered and processed in parcelLab’s advanced data core is translated into one dashboard for the FARFETCH team to track and monitor. This gives the team access to the latest insight into trends in performance, areas of improvement and transparency into localized carrier delivery times.

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FARFETCH now has control of the end-to-end experience it delivers customers. The team can ensure a consistent post-purchase experience is enjoyed by customers across all brands it works with. The team enjoys access to valuable data on its customer base that informs regular, improvements to its communication workflow.

FARFETCH now has more opportunities to connect with its customers. It can personalize based on characteristics such as demographic. As a result, the team report a significant increase in customer satisfaction, a decline in customer inquiry rates and reduced customer inquiry resolution time.