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Manage customer expectations as well as possible


open rate on transactional emails


A/B tests run in the first 3 months


additional new interactions per order

Bose develops cutting-edge audio technology and focus on the small details that make a big difference. Before working with parcelLab, Bose worked with a different post-checkout communication provider. But when the team discovered parcelLab, our experience and flexibility triggered our partnership.

Bose wanted to communicate with customers throughout the whole experience. The team wanted more control over the look and feel of their customer touch points. They wanted a solution that enables them to try out different communications templates to identify best practices for their audience.

Bose tracking page


To support Bose with its goal of managing customer expectations, we worked together to design a series of fully customizable post-purchase checkout emails. Crucially, the emails are white-labelled. This means all traffic generated will be sent back to

The post-dispatch touch points include a bespoke tracking page, giving customers access to the latest updates. The page is designed specifically for Bose, with embedded brand content.



Since implementing our solution, Bose has seen an impressive 78.5% open rate on post-checkout communication. The brand’s bespoke order status page has had a significant impact on SEO and triggered repeat sales.

The team have been able to experiment with, and A/B test, the layout and styling of the communication that they send in order to improve performance. And the team use bi-weekly shipment data to ensure that expectations are based on the latest, most accurate information.

I think that this was one of the main decisions to go with parcelLab because we saw flexibility there, and we really liked the idea, for example, of testing different templates, like doing A/B tests on open rates differ. How does click-rate differ if we put this element up or down, etc?

These tests would internally take a lot longer… but really kudos to the parcelLab team here – they have been super flexible, and everything is done really fast!

Tim Volkmann Manager – Digital Consumer Direct Europe
Tim Volkmann
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