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bonprix | Create an enjoyable buying experience for your customers

bonprix is a major player in online fashion globally, operating in over 30 countries. They were named ‘Best E-Commerce Site 2022 – Fashion’ at the Favor’i awards (organised by BFM Business and FEVAD) and offer thousands of products across women’s, men’s and kids clothing and accessories. bonprix’s strength lies in its wide inventory, its excellent quality/price ratio and its five-star customer experience.




Post-purchase experience as a lever for customer loyalty

Several years ago, the French bonprix team identified the post-purchase phase of the customer journey as an important driver for customer loyalty and satisfaction. Newly appointed executive director, Jean-François Van Gool prioritised operational excellence and customer satisfaction from day one and quickly identified post-purchase experience as high priority for the brand.

bonprix customers are, by and large, loyal. But, at a time when competition was ramping up, simply relying on quality products and a user‑friendly website was no longer enough.

Up to this point, the post-purchase journey for bonprix customers was similar to most brands: notifications from time to time, mostly from the carrier. As a result, this inconsistent journey generated too high a volume of customer support inquiries.




Delivering an excellent customer experience through Operations Experience Management

Once bonprix had made the customer experience a priority, the clear objective was to simplify the customer journey. Put simply, the goal was to offer a five‑star experience and to provide consistent messaging to customers along their entire purchasing journey.

The aim was to regain control over the brand’s communications by replacing the carrier’s informative yet impersonal messages with proactive, branded and personalized e‑mails.

Bonprix your package is on its way



Proactive communication throughout the post-purchase phase

The bonprix team explored several solutions, but parcelLab stood out from the rest. They saw that parcelLab shared their values, and in no time a genuine relationship was formed between the teams. The flexibility of the solution and the ability to travel abroad on short notice were also determining factors that placed parcelLab ahead of the pack.

Thanks to the hard work of the bonprix’s Customer Experience team and a dedicated parcelLab team, the solution was launched with all three of the brand’s carriers from the get-go. The teams wanted to implement a full solution from the start, so no time was wasted in offering a quality experience to customers in France.

Today, bonprix uses parcelLab’s Operations Experience Management platform to communicate with customers proactively for post-purchase and returns. Thanks to features like the detailed order summary, split order management, and displaying a clear and dynamic time frame, customers have all the information they need to answer any questions they may have around their order.

The goal to provide end-to-end support and to harmonise communications in line with the brand’s image has been achieved.

Now, the bonprix team wants to go a step further:

“The customer journey is now streamlined and informative. Next, we want to unlock the marketing potential hidden behind the 12 million notifications sent to our customers every year. Thanks to parcelLab, this is possible – it would be a shame to leave this potential untapped”

Séverine Toulemonde Customer Experience Manager
Séverine Toulemonde
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In addition to being a useful solution for the Customer Experience team, the platform is a valuable customer support tool, enabling quick and effective responses to inquiries.

Of course, customers who are used to contacting customer support are still welcome to do so, but the platform enables us to provide them with quick, clear and personalized answers

Séverine Toulemonde Customer Experience Manager
Séverine Toulemonde
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With information being easily accessible on the parcelLab platform, the customer support agent’s job is easier and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

We hope you love your new bonprix order with handbags and shoes



A consistent and engaging customer journey

When customers visit the bonprix website, they enjoy a personalized and seamless experience. From browsing to delivery, the journey is coherent, simple and reassuring. All communications reflect the brand’s image and its messaging.

Forming the Customer Experience team and launching the solution has resulted in an improved contact rate and increased customer satisfaction for bonprix.