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Increase customer satisfaction and reduced inquiries with our platform


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Berlin Brands Group | Increase customer satisfaction and reduced inquiries with our platform



BBG manages a multi-channel distribution of over 2,500 consumer products in 24 countries.

As an online shop in a crowded market, BBG wanted to stand out and leave a lasting impression on their customers. The team aimed to achieve this by delivering a recognizable customer experience with seamless and personalized messaging.

They hoped that this would also reduce the amount of inbound customer inquiries received.




Seamless customer communication

Before working with us, BBG did not communicate with their customers after checkout. This lack of transparency left customers in the dark, and this resulted in a growing number of customer inquiries.

As an international online store, BBG use multiple logistic providers and operate in 12 languages. So, they needed a solution that was able to work with their carriers around the world and deliver communications in multiple languages.

When the team first heard of us, we were a small start-up, but BBG saw potential in our product. Their commitment to innovate and trust in our solution was the driving force for our partnership.

Sebastian Leiß

We recognize that only satisfied customers return and become loyal customers. The delivery process certainly has an extensive influence on customer service inquiries.

Sebastian Leiß Product Owner
Sebastian Leiß
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Proactive, valuable customer touch points

Using our platform, BBG took control of all their customer interactions in 12 languages, providing proactive shipping updates, delay notifications, alternative delivery requests and more.

Customers are also kept informed through a live Order Status page that they can access any time, which is hosted on the BBG website.

As BBG is a multi-brand retailer, we were able to create and deliver communications in line with each brands’ guidelines respectively. And because the emails are personalized, they consistently experience high engagement.




Automated customer service

Leveraging parcelLab’s platform, BBG can now deliver regular, personalized shipping updates. This has successfully reduced their customer service inquiries by 24%.

As a result, the cost and workload of the support team has been minimized.

The Berlin Brand Group has also benefitted from the extensive monitoring capabilities of parcelLab’s dashboard. The team use this tool to measure KPIs and ensure that their Operations Experience is always improving.