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Belonging to the Tradeo shops portfolio, is one of the largest online stockists for used and refurbished servers and network hardware. The Trusted Shops certified online retailer displays the physical live inventory for each item and is one of the most important suppliers of server spare parts in Germany.
Orders/ month:
Four-figure range
Logistics Partner:

The challenge

Shipping spare parts quickly and efficiently

The right spare parts at the right time

As with nearly all online shopping, Tradeo customers eagerly await their goods after they’ve hit the buy button. However, in most cases, their customers need their item urgently in order to repair a device and therefore patience is low. Despite offering of an express delivery, few shoppers rely on it due to the increased costs.

Customer Service

At the same time, the customer service teams continued to receive numerous queries regarding the whereabouts of their order. Tradeo needed a solution that kept the experience both short and positive. It was important for management to use a service that was easy, fast and efficient to implement whilst not costing the customer more.

For small and medium-sized businesses, with a large selection of tested and - due to the exclusive inventory - immediately available servers with all kinds of upgrades available for each project, there is a matching device.
Sebastian Poll CEO Tradeo GmbH
A healthy company with optimised work processes is just as important to me as the satisfaction of our customers. That's the only way to be successful as an online shop!

The challenge

parcelLab features in action

Shipping notifications

Fully automated dispatch messages in own branding


Real-time notifications in case of prolonged delivery delays

Parcel monitoring

Detailed breakdown of the delivery quality of the logistics provider

Intelligent Shipping Notifications

Everyone was immediately impressed by the idea, and the decision was easy for the CEO and his team as customer satisfaction is the top priority at Tradeo. parcelLab’s service with event-related, customer-relevant news offered the perfect solution. Furthermore, the simple integration made the step much easier. "The whole process was associated with extremely low development costs for us." Says Sebastian Poll, CEO of Tradeo

Happy Customers Spend More

A customer since 2015, Tradeo worked with parcelLab on a short test phase before gradually integrating all of its logistics providers. parcelLab optimised all of their shipping messages and deviation alerts and are now receiving positive ratings across the board, with a reduction of negative comments and complaints received by customer support.

Their customers are better informed and the team noticeably relieved.

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