Fashionette Customer Success Story

Binding customers to the Fashionette shop and increasing sales through personalisation.

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5 Star Ratings
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Fashionette – Designer Hand Bags Online

Fashionette is one of Germany’s most visited online shops for designer bags, with a range of over 5,000 products and more than 100 different brands. Fashionette operates in a further 16 countries, placing particular value in a memorable and pleasant shopping experience.


Orders/ month:
Five-figure range

Logistics Partner:
DHL, DPD, international sub-provider

The Challenge

From customer journey to customer experience

Shipping is more than delivery

The delivery process is the key component of the shopping experience. Customers require not only top quality products but also top quality service. Fashionette pursues this quality standard even after checkout by proactively supporting their customers during delivery.

Customer Service — a unique selling point

Shopper attach great importance to customer service. However, Fashionette’s delivery to more than 16 countries represents a further challenge. As opposed to domestic deliveries, shipments are frequently transferred to smaller logistic service providers, get stuck at customs, or are affected by prolonged delivery times.

In order to guarantee a perfect shopping experience, Fashionette was looking for a service enabling them to accompany their customers via informative and personalized messages until successful delivery of each order.

Tobias Schulz Head of operations, Fashionette
Delivery notifications are the crucial factor of an emotional shopping experience. In parcelLab we found a partner who gives us full control over our deliveries.

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The Solution

parcelLab features in action

Shipping notifications

Fully automated shipping notifications specific to Fashionette branding


Individual messages tailored to the languages and special offers of the target regions

Review links

Proactive requests to evaluate the shipping experience upon successful delivery

Individual shipping notifications

Say goodbye to boring shipping notifications. They always look the same and fail to establish any real connection with the Fashionette label. During delivery, parcelLab sends individual messages that perfectly match the customer’s needs and increase anticipation.

Messages are sent in 5 different languages in the branding of Fashionette. Customers are proactively informed about the status of their shipment. As a white-label solution, parcelLab does not become a visible part of the delivery process. These details are remembered by customers who will be likely to return.

Brand building & Content

Besides brand building, this new channel of communication can also be used for content placement. Think of it as a newsletter—just better. Unique open rates of more than 60% were reached. parcelLab generates only information about the delivery process that is relevant to the customer. Customers don’t perceive this as spam but find it positive and enriching. The retailer however enjoys full attention and is given an opportunity to place coupons, campaigns, product recommendations or simply messages that make the customer feel good. Outstanding service after the purchase is exactly what creates lasting customer loyalty.

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