Carrier Integration and Management

Deliver a seamless, consistent post-purchase customer experience regardless of where a package starts and ends its journey.

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Search World-Wide Carrier Coverage to Scale Your Brand with parcelLab

World-Wide Carrier Coverage to Scale Your Brand

We’re already integrated with the world’s leading carriers, two-person handling companies and freight forwarders. We’ve matched and standardized data across our extensive network. So, brands and retailers can deliver a seamless, consistent post-purchase customer experience regardless of where a package starts its journey – warehouse, manufacturer, third-party logistics company or retail store.


Need a New Carrier? No Problem.

Every carrier that provides tracking data can be integrated with parcelLab. We’ve got a structured, repeatable process. It starts with checking carrier interface options and capabilities, then setup and a quick performance check. Only minimal support is needed from brands, and we can onboard most new carriers in less than four weeks.

parcelLab software can integrate with any carrier worldwide

No Maintenance or Management Required

Don’t waste resources keeping carrier data connections running. We’ve got a whole team of data experts who manage all our carrier interfaces. They watch for data changes and handle interpretation and matching. They also maintain load balancing and detect latency issues, so carrier data issues never cause customer communication challenges.

Robin Jakoby

parcelLab provides all parties with more transparency in the otherwise opaque shipping process. The customers know the current status of their order and we know whether everything is running smoothly with our logistics partners. In addition, we are now learning much more about what our customers think about us. This is a real win-win situation for everyone.

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Robin Jakoby
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Carrier Features:


Consistent tracking experience

Give customers the same post-purchase experience across carriers and borders.


Flexible ways to connect carrier data

Choose the best integration option: API, webhook, or file-based transfers.


Global coverage

parcelLab is already integrated with hundreds of carriers around the globe with new integrations added weekly.


Dedicated carrier team

Maintains integrations and data for consistent and clear communications.


Carrier performance analytics

Leverage reporting across carriers and regions for full logistics transparency.


Carrier performance analytics

Get up and running with new carriers in no time.

Featured Capabilities

how parcelLab handles logistics reporting

Understand your logistics performance

Analyze logistics performance order to door to return. Compare regions or carriers to benchmarks. Improve your post-purchase experience.

deliver better tracking experiences to your customers with parcelLab

Order Status Page

Take control of your post-purchase journey for a consistent experience across carriers. Slash WISMO contacts with convenient post-purchase order tracking that gives customers everything they need all in one place.

Master your Post-Purchase Experience with us