Published on: Jul 2, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Founded in 2014 by Tobias Buxhoidt, Anton Eder and Julian Krenge, parcelLab has offices in Munich, London, Paris and LA. We work with 500+ of the top brands across Europe and North America across all verticals. These include: IKEA, Shoe Zone, LIDL, Nespresso and MediaMarktSaturn.

What does parcelLab do?

parcelLab is the leading OXM (Operations Experience Management) platform. We enable brands, online retailers and B2B distributors to regain control over their end-to-end customer journey. Rather than losing control of the customer relationship to third parties like DHL, FedEx, DPD, etc., businesses retain all touchpoints in a curated manner, within their own ecosystem.

We thereby close the CX gap in the post-sales customer journey. An automated communication allows consistent brand experience, proactive customer care and maximised cross and up-selling.

What makes parcelLab unique?

We believe that the best post-sales CX needs to have a strong focus on our clients' specific customer and brand requirements. CX does not help a business to differentiate themselves if the normal, standard solution is chosen. We offer a unique platform, which is a fully customisable toolbox to fulfil our clients' requirements for an end-to-end CX. We aren't a standard solution that comes as a plug-in or add-on alongside other products, but instead we offer a broad feature set that can be exactly tailored to our clients' requirements.

How has parcelLab helped retailers improve their customer experiences?

Lidl increased basket size by 12% by exploiting untapped potential in the customer experience and improving the overall online shopping experience. Read more here.

MediaMarktSaturn (Europe’s biggest Electronics retailer) is making millions in additional revenue, every single month, by keeping customers engaged and up-selling to them. Read more here.

Shoe Zone transitioned to a purely online store during the Covid-19 pandemic with the help of parcelLab's solution and reduced WISMO enquiries. Read more here.

Award-winning start-up

parcelLab was named in the 'Top 10 Global Retail Tech Start-ups' by the RWC (World Retail Congress & Retail Week) in their Discovery 50 report. Read more about the award here.

We were also featured in Validify's Rapid Response Report, published during the Covid-19 pandemic, as one of the 29 quick-win solutions that can provide real results. Read more about the report here.

Improve your customer experience

Exemplary customer experience is what makes retailers stand out now, especially as more customers are shopping online than ever before. Get in touch to find out how parcelLab can help your business succeed and create more loyal customers.

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Create new reasons for people to love your brand. Build standout post-sales experiences tailored to your customers. Deliver personalized touch points that grab attention and spark loyalty.

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