Customer Experience Trends - Expectations of Online Retailers Increase by Corona

Customer Experience Trends - Expectations of Online Retailers Increase by Corona
Published on: Jul 9, 2020
Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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Customer Experience

Challenges for online retailers increase thanks to Corona

Those who want to appeal to the consumer group of "heavy shoppers," who are responsible for more than half of all purchases on the Internet, must offer short delivery times, deliver reliably and convey security when shopping, a study by Arvato Financial Solutions shows. For other target groups, price also plays a major role.


When the package becomes the highlight of the day


Since the start of the lockdown, nearly half of Britons (45%) have received more parcels than before the exit restrictions. That's according to a recent survey by Royal Mail. More than a third said getting a parcel was the highlight of their day, according to For more than half (53%), parcels had become more important. This makes an excellent operations experience all the more important.


Augmented reality, PWAs, voice search - this is what tomorrow's e-commerce will look like

In the highly competitive and extremely dynamic e-commerce market, online retailers need to be aware of the latest trends in order to offer their customers an exceptional customer experience. Customer habits can change very quickly, especially as a result of new technologies, reports E-Commerce Magazine.


Customer retention

How do retailers get a handle on the track & trace problem?

All retailers preach that they want to provide the best shopping experience for their customers, but suddenly stop doing so after the order is sent. Shipping is a very emotional phase for the customer and often has an influence on whether or not the customer will order from the retailer again in the future.


How Douglas uses its loyalty card to motivate brick-and-mortar customers to buy online


The perfumery chain Douglas suffered a 40 percent drop in sales during the lockdown month of March. Online sales, meanwhile, were up 50 percent year-on-year in March. Through targeted advertising and addressing participants in the loyalty card program, nine out of ten customers who previously only shopped in stores were persuaded to store online via the program, reports Handelsblatt.


Autodoc lets frequent customers save

Online auto parts retailer launches "Autodoc Plus" discount program for frequent customers. Customers who frequently order auto parts from Autodoc can use it to add premium options at reduced prices, get their order as a priority order and secure additional discounts on delivery costs and products.

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Müller turns app into loyalty card


The drugstore chain has launched a purely digital loyalty program, initially in Austria. The aim is to address customers on an individualized basis. According to the company, the discount system in the form of an app will also be launched in Germany at the end of June, writes Lebensmittel Zeitung.



Digitec Galaxus offsets CO2 individually for three million products

Swiss e-commerce market leader Digitec Galaxus is launching a novel CO2 compensation program that assigns an individual compensation price to each of its three million products. The compensation chain is calculated individually for each product according to a model and extends from raw material extraction, production and transport via our warehouse to the customer's home.

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Amazon wants to buy Zoox

The startup plans to build a fully autonomous vehicle later this year. That has piqued Amazon's interest. Sales negotiations are already underway.


How start-up Forto was able to grow during the crisis


Logistics start-up Forto, which operated as Freighthub until a few weeks ago, is reshuffling its management team. To this end, the Berlin-based company is strengthening itself with an experienced manager from logistics giant Amazon. While co-founder Ferry Heilemann is leaving the management, Christoper North is joining the management team as a consultant. The platform expert had co-managed Amazon's European business from the UK for five years.


Otto opens mail order center in Ansbach:

In Ansbach, Bavaria, the Otto Group has commissioned a new logistics center tailored to the handling of furniture as well as large electrical appliances. The Otto mail order business is now expected to be the main beneficiary of this additional location, reports

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In order to meet the rapidly increasing demand for online groceries as sustainably as possible, has been using the so-called "polar fox" since the beginning of April. This is an eVito with a special refrigeration conversion solution from Kerstner GmbH. The result: customers get their ordered goods delivered directly to their homes, well chilled and with zero local emissions.

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