Series C will energize Operations Experience Management

Series C will energize Operations Experience Management
Published on: Jul 22, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

I think our Series C investment round is a bit of a vindication, for us and for our category Operations Experience Management. It's not just some marketing and sales jargon that we've made up. 

The investment round shows us that we’re onto something great here. Lots of very smart, talented and skilful people are excited to back us and be a part of what we’re doing. As VP Global Marketing and Growth, what more can I ask for than that!? The buy-in for our vision, the enthusiasm to work with us and the full buy-in for where we want to go – it is game-changing. 

Next steps for Operations Experience Management 

To put it simply, the Series C funding is going to enable us to do more. We know our platform is high quality (our 500 something clients prove that), and our investors - including Insight Partners, Endeit Capital, Capnamic Ventures and coparion - believe this is the right time and the right platform. 

Similarly, I'm hopeful that the investment will add a bit of fuel to our category development. From a marketing point of view, it’s a great time for us to strategize and think about:

  • How can we bring our solution to the world,
  • How can we build on our work from here,  
  • What should we 'stop' doing (often more important)  
  • How do we ensure that we're evolving and growing together 

The opportunities really are limitless, because experiences happen everywhere. So, if you think of any product in any market, our category – Operations Experience Management – is at play. Whether or not all brands have realized this yet, or not! We're here to tell them and show them... (just ask us if you're not sure).    

Creating a team of specialists  

The investment has also created a lot of opportunities for our marketing team to grow. We are actively hiring for several positions already. But there's so much potential and energy within our team. We want to keep building and evolving internally to make sure that we're taking our incredible team with us to the next level. We always want to be building people up. I’m currently identifying what my teammates are interested in, where their passion lies and how they envision taking their role to the next level, so we can make it happen! 

As a result, I'm working on what the structure of our team will look like in a year’s time, and then in three years, then five... and so on. The next step will be filling in the gaps to keep us ahead of the curve. We want to nurture an environment where teams feel like they’re achieving and celebrating every win. Because what we are doing is so exciting and should be enjoyed! 

Developing the first Operations Experience Management event  

It is imperative to me that we don't lose our flair and willingness to trial things. We need to be able to jump on opportunities and allow ideas to flourish. I want us to test new platforms, processes, approaches; and anything else that helps us move forward. It’s also important to me that we reinvent the amazing work we have already done, reshape it and repurpose it rather than creating all new (up-cycling if you will).   

In fact, possibly the most exciting part of the Series C funding is that it will enable us to go full steam ahead with our flagship event. We envision hosting industry experts, speakers, partners and enthusiasts to take part in an event dedicated to Operations Experience Management – OX Fest ‘21. So, make sure you watch this space! 

Ultimately, parcelLab is the vehicle for our wider passion, which is to change how the world experiences operations post-sales. We believe it needs to be a fundamental part of the Customer Experience. And we are confident this will change the world of e-commerce forever.  

To find out how we secured an $112 million investment into our leading Operations Management Platform, and how we plan to help more brands deliver a seamless experience, read our press release.

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