Requesting an evaluation: is there a right time?

Requesting an evaluation: is there a right time?
Published on: Mar 4, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Building customer loyalty and trust can be more difficult online than in physical stores.Customer reviews play a crucial role in the customer's buying journey.According to an IFOP study, 88% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase. Indeed, a consumer may be more reluctant to make a purchase if there is no customer review on the e-merchant's website. Collecting customer reviews becomes essential, both for the acquisition of new buyers and for the loyalty of current customers.

When is the right time for consumers?

According to our study, 80% of consumers surveyed say they are inclined to leave a review of their delivery experience with e-retailers. Within that majority, 38% are most likely to do so 24 hours after delivery, and there are 24% of consumers who do so 1 week after delivery.

But what we notice on the e-merchant side is that more than half of them do not bother to send a request for evaluation to their customers. The other half send a request but after 7 to 14 days after delivery, leaving a missed appointment between consumers and e-retailers.In this period of pandemic, where the weight of e-commerce is growing, customer reviews are more than ever key.

Why this gap?

E-retailers have difficulty predicting a delivery date due to the problems that can arise during this stage. In addition to this, a lack of visibility hinders them to communicate at the right time.

How to overcome this?

It all starts with a better optimization of the delivery stage!

  • Better visibility into your last mile: gain control over this key step in your customer experience and be able to communicate the arrival of the package to your customers in a safe and automated way.
  • Automated yet personalized communication to your customers: anticipate your customers' needs and thus offer a unique experience by adopting the tone and content according to each customer's profile.
  • Adapted means of communication: do not forget that 95% of respondents say (cf Shopping Experience) to be more receptive to emails and sms!Expand your options by adopting a multi-channel strategy: offer your customers the possibility to receive delivery updates through other channels than email, for example by SMS or directly through their customer account or your app.

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