Post-purchase: how can brands improve their customer experience?

Post-purchase: how can brands improve their customer experience?
Published on: Feb 4, 2022
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Many e-tailers still focus most of their efforts on new customer acquisition and sales. Yet, from deliveries to returns, the post-purchase experience of the French is still far from a smooth ride in 2021. Package delays, inaccurate notifications, damaged packaging, theft: every step of the post-purchase journey takes its toll! parcelLab reveals the impact these bad experiences cause on brand image and what you can do to improve them.

The impact of the post-purchase experience on brand perception

You've most likely heard this before: a satisfied customer tells two people while a dissatisfied one tells ten. So the impact a negative post-purchase experience can have on your brand is far from trivial...

A degraded brand image

There was a time when we only shared our bad experiences in private or informal discussions. News travelled slower and it was easier to burnish your image. Now, things are different for brands. A dissatisfied customer can let thousands of people know about it through the Internet.

Google reviews, Facebook pages, Instagram: consumers no longer hesitate to leave negative reviews for all to see at any time. Our latest consumer study actually tells us that 21% of French customers who had a disappointing delivery experience left a negative review for the brand they ordered from. Now, as you know, Internet users take into account these shared experiences before making or not making their online purchases. The consequences for brands can therefore be heavy.

Direct financial losses

Online consumers are increasingly adamant about negative delivery experiences. And the direct financial consequences are far from negligible. First of all, some customers simply choose not to order from the e-retailer in question anymore (according to our study, this would concern 36% of the population). But that's not all: you also have to take into account the financial losses related to returned items and refund requests following a damaged or late delivered package.

5 ways to improve your customers' post-purchase journey

Did you know that nearly a third of French consumers would be willing to give a merchant another chance after a negative experience? So here are five keys to improving your customers' post-purchase journey and building loyalty for good!

1. Inform, inform, inform during delivery

An informed customer is worth two! In other words, an informed customer will always be a more accommodating and patient buyer. Therefore, make sure to inform your customer as much as possible during the entire post-purchase process. Indeed, online consumers need to be reassured at every step of their order. So help them to live serenely this step:

  • Must send a shipping notification.
  • Send regular updates on their order status.
  • Give the ability to locate their package on a map.
  • In case of delays, notify your customer with immediate updates.

2. Make returns as simple as a "hello"

Is your customer unhappy with their purchase and wants to make a return? It would be a shame to end your customer's post-purchase journey on a negative note. So take advantage of the situation to turn it around in your favor! How can you do this? By making the return process as easy as possible:


  • Give simple, clear instructions to make it easy for your customer to return.
  • Provide a store option so they don't have to deal with shipping.
  • Send notifications so your customer can track every step of the reshipment.
  • Inform about processing and refund times.

    3. Be easily reachable

    Nothing is more unpleasant than not knowing who to contact when you encounter a problem with your order. Therefore, always try to be as easy to reach as possible for your customers. To do this, make sure you clearly communicate the different ways in which they can contact you:

    • Phone number;
    • Contact form;
    • Chat;
    • Email.

      4. Diversify your delivery options

      To ensure on-time delivery, 43% of French respondents in our survey would opt for a merchant with better shipping options. Diversifying delivery options is therefore becoming a real selling point for online consumers. Free in-store delivery, relay point, drive-through, express delivery: each solution is an additional opportunity to satisfy and retain your customer.

        5. Enrich their experience

        During delivery, you have your customer's attention, take advantage of this to give him an exclusive experience with targeted and personalized emails. Each email sent is a unique opportunity to enrich his experience:

        • Provide them with a how-to guide or video tutorial to help them better use your product.
        • Help them reduce their environmental impact by informing them about recycling their package packaging.
        • Order him items that are complementary to the one he just chose.
        • Or enhance his loyalty by informing him about the rewards programs you offer.
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