Customer Experience Trends - Payback finally puts the "pay" in Payback

Customer Experience Trends - Payback finally puts the "pay" in Payback
Published on: Oct 30, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

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Payback now lets customers pay with their points

Finally, the time has come! Payback Germany now offers a new service in its app: app users can use "Payback Pay" to not only pay for their purchases with money, but now also redeem points at the same time in one step, the company reports.
Redeeming the collected points via PAY is said to be particularly easy and secure. After brief authentication on the smartphone can be paid via QR code at the checkout of REWE, PENNY, dm-drogerie markt or Alnatura with it.

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dm upsets customers on parcel shipping

Frustrated customers are increasingly speaking out at the drugstore chain. The problem: The order is so badly packed that noodle packages tear open or liquid detergent pours over the other products, can be read on

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Amazon launches extended Christmas return periods starting Oct. 1

Good news for customers, rather bad news for Marketplace sellers.
Amazon already informs by mail that the extended return period for Christmas this year already takes effect from October 1, 2020 at, reports

This concerns not only orders, which run directly over, but evenly also purchases over the market place. Amazon retailers must react to this.

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DHL aims to improve "delivery convenience"


The logistics provider plans to introduce a new delivery convenience service later this year. According to the company, customers will be given a time slot for delivery in the morning for the "vast majority" of parcels.

Up to 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery, recipients will then be able to specify a neighbor or a drop-off location if they are not at home. The tracking of the delivery person via the Internet - a kind of live tracking - is also to be significantly expanded, has learned.

We can't wait to see how the new service will work in everyday life.

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Bottle mail takes returns from About You

The beverage delivery company is testing a new service at its headquarters in Münster, Germany. On request, customers can now give the drivers not only their empty beverage crates, but also their returns from About You.
On the website of the beverage supplier the new and free pick-up service already advertised with "We take care of your ABOUT YOU packages". A very good approach, as we find.

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Carrefour expands e-commerce logistics


The French supermarket chain is looking to expand its e-commerce operations and has therefore entered into a strategic partnership with Food X Technologies. The company offers a software solution to optimize and handle fulfillment for food deliveries, according to Location Insider.
The partnership is designed to enable Carrefour to drive technological development and increase the productivity and profitability of its e-commerce division. At the same time, it should also improve the digital customer experience. It certainly makes sense, as demand for online grocery orders continues to grow around the world.


Online retailers prepare for upcoming holiday rush

In addition to the Corona effect, the pre-Christmas shopping season is bringing online retailers much higher demand than last year. Swiss mail order expert Patrick Kessler expects another 30 percent or so year-on-year growth for the months of October to December. Should the Corona measures be stepped up again, growth could even reach 40 percent, he told the Swiss Tagesanzeiger.

Online retailers already have to brace themselves for this onslaught.


Are you ready for the upcoming peak e-commerce season?

The lockdown has changed the way people buy and, more importantly, how they buy it. How can retailers prepare for the peak season this year to give their customers the best shopping experience possible?

Since nothing is or will be the same this year, retailers should address the issue early and review and, if necessary, rethink their digital processes.

What you should be doing now to be prepared for the upcoming peak season, we've described in more detail in another post

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Returns - the underestimated factor in online retail


Brands entering e-commerce are often unprepared for the significantly higher return rates online, warns Raffy Kassardijan, CEO of Parker Lane Group, on Fashion United.

Returns management is a specialized service that requires designated IT systems, tacit knowledge and access to secondary markets, he says. Brands need to astutely weigh their options, as the returns logistics space is full of commercial shoals that can only be passed with specific expertise.


DHL identifies future trends in logistics

  • Or at least tries to

Artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, sustainability and global volatility: the fifth edition of the "DHL Logistics Trend Radar" looks at trends that will shape the future of logistics. knows the most important points.


Local online commerce by cargo bike


In the "NaCl - Sustainable Crowd Logistics" project, scientists at Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences are developing sustainable solutions to make online retailing competitive for local retailers. Local goods would then be delivered emission-free and with low noise levels using electromobile cargo bikes in the Bremerhaven urban area, according to the scientists' plan.

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Amazon plans small distribution centers near cities

In a bid to speed up its deliveries, Amazon is planning a network of up to 1,500 small-format delivery centers in U.S. cities and suburbs, according to U.S. media reports.

Through the planned network, which will start with about 1,000 locations and then expand to 1,500 centers, Amazon aims to ensure deliveries for its Prime members within one to two days at most. The textile industry knows the details.


And because it's so nice, directly more Amazon News - but this time a challenge:

Amazon Pan-EU - the new sales tax challenges.

From July 1, 2021, the EU wants to fundamentally simplify cross-border VAT compliance for online retailers. However, this means that fulfillment structures such as Amazon Pan EU will have to be completely rethought, explains Taxdoo co-founder Roger Gothmann to


Lowering return rates with artificial intelligence

Munich-based successful restaurateur Carlo Riederer is building his own delivery service under instead of ceding commissions to established service providers like Deliveroo, the company reports. A total of eleven restaurants in and around Munich are represented on the platform at the start.

Can we already see a new trend here, away from the big food suppliers?

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