parcelLab features in Validify's Rapid Response Report

parcelLab features in Validify's Rapid Response Report
Published on: May 28, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

parcelLab is thrilled to announce that we were featured in Validify's Rapid Response Report. The report highlights 29 quick-win solutions to help retailers rapidly boost their online performance and customer experience.

Validify Rapid Response Report

The current crisis has resulted in a massive surge in online orders. Validify produced the report to help retailers adapt quickly to the unprecedented disruption they are experiencing as a result. The solutions featured in the report can all be implemented quickly and retailers will see positive results in a matter of weeks. It features the latest SaaS innovations across the whole customer journey, from acquisition right through to last mile.

How can parcelLab help retailers during coronavirus?

Customers are currently uncertain about when their parcel will arrive or if it will arrive at all. For this reason, communicating during delivery is key to a good customer experience.

So how can retailers do this? By adding a short message to the dispatch confirmation and track & trace page and keeping customers informed about possible current and future delivery delays. This also ensures that customer service staff are not inundated with WISMO requests. parcelLab helps retailers do just that, as well as enabling them to communicate proactively.

For more information on how parcelLab can help retailers tackle the challenges coronavirus has presented, get in touch.

Download Validify's Rapid Response Report

The report is available to download on Validify's website: Download report


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