parcelLab France, on the set of Thomas Hugues to discuss responsible e-commerce

parcelLab France, on the set of Thomas Hugues to discuss responsible e-commerce
Published on: Mar 12, 2021
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Last week, Guillaume Truchet, our sales director for France & Belgium, was invited on the set of Thomas Hugues in the SMART IMPACT show on the B SMART channel to answer the following question: How to buy responsibly online? Feel free to follow the entire debate via this link.

B SMART is an information media dedicated to the economy and finance. It gives a voice to entrepreneurs and highlights the creation of economic, societal and environmental value by companies.

The SMART IMPACT program, presented by Thomas Hugues, is dedicated to the issues of sustainable development, CSR and the impact of large companies on our society.

E-commerce continues to grow

In the UK, half of all sales will be online by 2028! The trend is similar in France. The issue of the ecological footprint of e-commerce is therefore paramount. As our study points out, 24% of the 100 largest French e-tailers offer green delivery services to their customers but, Guillaume laments, the consumer is only informed about it after the purchase. This is a pity, especially when we know that 75% of European consumers are ready to accept a longer delivery time if the delivery is more ecological. That's what the last mile is all about.

Stakes of a responsible e-commerce

According to our study, 66% of the 100 largest e-tailers in France have packaging that is adapted to the size of their product. But the French market is made up of more than 200,000 merchant sites that have everything to gain by differentiating themselves on environmental issues, as Guillaume mentions.

The return policy is also a key issue in sustainable e-commerce. Even if they remain occasional, around 8 to 10% according to our dernfirst study, the ecological impact remains important.

Towards a more responsible e-commerce in some figures....

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