parcelLab Benefits - this is what you can expect at the Munich start-up

parcelLab Benefits - this is what you can expect at the Munich start-up
Published on: Feb 24, 2020
Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Behind a successful company there is always a committed team, because a company is only as good as its employees. Whoever shows them a lot will also get a lot back. We have long recognized this and would therefore like to show what benefits parcelLab offers its team.

The parcelLab Benefits

Companies have long since entered the battle for talent. Here it is important to be as attractive as possible for potential applicants. In order for companies to win over talent, they must focus on employee satisfaction.Those who offer attractive benefits and a work-life balance have the opportunity to retain employees in the long term. Not every company creates such benefits for its team. However, since each individual team member is particularly important to us, we would like to briefly introduce our parcelLab benefits.

Image In our meeting room we regularly meet for smaller and larger meetings.

Feel good Benefits

Hard work must be rewarded. Since our team is always dedicated and does great things every day, they definitely deserve some time off as well. With special pracelLab benefits, we want to do something good for our team and sweeten their working day.

Massage at work

Because working and sitting can sometimes affect the neck, a masseuse visits us once a month. Here, anyone can sign up for a 20-minute pampering session. Afterwards you feel better in any case - promised!

Taco Tuesday

As we all know, love goes through the stomach and in our opinion it additionally strengthens the team spirit. That's why the team cooks together every Tuesday: Our well-known Taco Tuesday. Afterwards, the buffet is opened and eaten together.

Image Every Tuesday we prepare the tacos together in the kitchen.

Coffee, soft drinks & beer


Although the tap water in Munich is particularly good, there is always a full fridge with soft drinks and much more. For the morning kick, coffee can't be missing, and because beer belongs to the Bavarians like club mate belongs to the hipsters, cold beer is of course also available (as well as mate, of course).

Fresh fruit

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!". That's why lots of fruit every day ensures that everyone gets their ration of vitamins for the day. On Fridays, there is often an additional large bowl of fruit salad.

Muesli and snacks

Whether crunchy, chocolate or fruit muesli. In the cereal cabinet, everyone will find the right breakfast. For the small snack in between is also always provided.

Central location with a view over Munich


Due to its central location at the main station, parcelLab is easy to reach from anywhere. From the office on the 6th floor you also have a great view. Munich's Frauenkirche is right under our noses.

Team Benefits

In many companies, it's common for colleagues to only see each other in the office. This is different at parcelLab. A lot is done for team cohesion - even outside the office.

Team events

We can not only work well together here, but also have fun. That's why parcelLab organizes regular team events. For example, the whole team goes to the Wiesn, organizes summer and Christmas parties or goes on skiing vacations.

Image Together, the team went to Austria for a joint ski weekend.

After Work Action

Colleagues here are not just the people you meet in the office. The team also regularly does various things together after work. For example, they meet up to play soccer or end the evening in a bar.

Feedback conversations

To make everyone feel comfortable here for a long time, it is important to talk to each other regularly. In the feedback talks, both sides can express suggestions, improvements and wishes. Of course, there is always an open ear outside of these talks as well.

Lunch together

After all, it tastes best together. That's why the team regularly eats lunch together. Some order pizza, others bring their own food from home.

The biggest benefit: Our team!

But the very biggest parcelLab benefit is the team. Everyone is welcome here. With us, you will find open ears and helpful people who treat each other in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Work Benefits

We also want to make the work itself a benefit. That's why the team should be given as many opportunities for development as possible. We don't think much of mindless work. Here, everyone should have the opportunity to break out of their comfort zone.

Idea support and free implementation options


You have new ideas? Then always bring them to us. At parcelLab, employees always have the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and then implement them themselves.

Free and flexible working & home office

Early riser or late riser? It doesn't matter with us. Just come to the office when you're ready to start the day and arrange your working hours freely. What's more, you can always work from home if the train doesn't run again or you have important appointments.

Image Flexible working hours and home office? No problem!

Offices in London & Paris

As beautiful as Munich is, a change of scenery may be needed every now and then. You're welcome to travel to England or France for a few days and work from our international office.

Indefinite employment contract


At parcelLab you get a permanent employment contract and can choose your hours freely. Whether part-time or full-time - everything is represented with us. Work the way it fits into your life situation.

Hardware: Choose between Mac and Windows

Are you a dedicated Mac or Windows user? No problem. With us, you can choose the hardware you work best with.

Working tools

Here you should not lack anything that could disturb the smooth work. You will get all the working tools you need at parcelLab. Just let us know!

Annual budget for continuing education & workshops

Want to learn more about a specific topic area? Well, go for it! You have the opportunity to attend various continuing education courses and workshops each year. Each employee has a budget that is freely available for such things. Together, we're sure to find the right thing for you.

Why we like working at parcelLab so much?

This is an easy question to answer. With the mix of all these parcelLab benefits, everyone here enjoys working and coming to the office every day. We want to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. parcelLab is not looking for polished diamonds, because everyone has rough edges here.

We are a team that sticks together. No matter what it is about: Whether new ideas, bad jokes or worries - there is always an open ear for all these things. Such a friendly, familiar and relaxed contact among each other, as it is the case at parcelLab, is not self-evident everywhere. The many little things make parcelLab unique and a special employer.

Just visit us on Instagram or Facebook to get an impression of what else happens behind the scenes of our Munich-based start-up.


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